Monday, May 26, 2008

What Make Us Unique

When most people think about the differences among us, I believe most people immediately think about politics, religion, morals, tastes in music, art, and media, but I think what makes us most unique are our tastes in food. It always fascinates me how everyone has such different tastes and how everyone has their own odd little idiosyncrasies when it comes to food. Russell was talking about apples on his blog and just a simple thing like apples got such varied responses. I didn't leave a comment on that particular post, but I don't like apple pie because I don't like any pie at all. I've never cared for pie of any sort. The closest things to pie that I like are cheescake and quiche. Oh, and Key Lime Pie, which I think is really a form of cheesecake, but I'm not sure. Since bloggers seem to like the wierdnesses of their fellow bloggers, here are some of my food ones:
I do not like mushrooms. I claim to love Italian food, but if you go to an Italian restaurant, 85% of the dishes on the menu probably have mushrooms in them. So in reality, I should probably say that I love Italian food that does not include mushrooms. I'll eat some things that have mushrooms and just pick around them like beef stroganoff and some schnitzels, but I do not want to have any mushroom in my actual mouth. Ick.
I'm weird about onions. I cook with onions all the time. I like onion rings, especially the really thin strings and I LOVE carmelized onions, but raw onions? If a tiny, tiny chip of raw onion fell into the lettuce of my sandwich from a sandwich shop, I will totally lose my appetite. I despise raw onions.
Sushi. Almost everyone I know raves about sushi but I have absolutely no interest in trying it. I don't even like to LOOK AT IT. I find it extremely repulsive. Part of that could be because of the time I inspected the Japanese restaurant when I was selling pest control contracts, but I don't know. I just know I don't want to be around sushi. ick.
I don't really care for sweets at all. People always seem shocked at the treats I turn down. I can eat a bite or two of cheesecake, but not a whole slice. I don't want a cookie or pie or cake or a candy bar. I do like hard tangy candy like tangerine or lemon sours.
The most popular American foods like cheeseburgers and pizza? I only like them if I haven't had them for a long time. Like MONTHS. I can't even imagine having a pizza or cheeseburger twice in one week. Ick.
I've heard of people that eat the same thing every day, like cereal for breakfast, or something like that. I could never eat the same thing every day. Well yeah, sure, if it was that or starve, but having a choice, I could never eat the same thing every day. But I think our food tastes make us more unique than anything. I bet money it would be easier to find someone with my exact political and religious beliefs than it would be to find someone who had my exact tastes in food. What do you think?


Big Brother said...

I'm with you for Sushi and mushrooms. Just the thought of eating raw fish...ughhh. Sweets on the other hand, unfortunately I have a bit of a sweet tooth. not good for the waist line. It's especially bad when I'm tired and/or stressed out, like the end of the school year. ;o)

XUP said...

Sushi on a hot day with some Japanese salad and some saki or a crisp white wine is awesome. You should try it at least once, but go with someone who knows their sushi and go to a good place. Maybe start with vegetarian sushi and work your way up to sushi with cooked ingredients and then try a raw fish one. Japanese dining is an experience you shouldn't deny yourself. And if you're going to Vancouver you'll be in the perfect place. It has best sushi in Canada. I challenge you to try it. (Josie - you're a sushi fan, aren't you?)

Russell said...

Lots of interesting thoughts! I agree with you about sushi. I have never had it and have no interest in trying it. If I eat fish or any other former living creature, I insist that it be cooked! Even then I might not eat it!

I don't eat the same thing every day, but I seem to have very basic and nonexciting tastes. I often cook a roast or chicken and eat left overs for a few days. I think my favorite food is, believe it or not, Thanksgiving dressing. I like to pour gravy over it and I think I could eat that every day for many days - in fact, I have!

Have a GREAT TRIP to Vancouver! Take lots and lots of pictures!!

Jazz said...

I love mushrooms cooked but raw? Disgusting, they taste like dirt. And I love onions in any form. Raw in a salad... mmmmmmm. Unfortunately since I developed IBS, I have serious trouble digesting raw onions. Life's a bitch.

leslie said...

I like mushrooms but what I don't like the same as you don't like raw onions is olives. So I, too, like Italian food as long as there aren't any olives in it.

I can just see you and Josie devouring an entire key lime pie! It's one of her faves. And she doesn't like pizza either! You're going to get along great. ;D

A Happy Downtowner said...

What an interesting post geewits :)

I agree with xup, sushi is not all raw fish, I think BBQ eel and I salivate... I also suggest going with someone who knows their sushi and give it a try. It will be an experience to add to the visit to Vancouver.

I eat pretty much anything, especially if it's cooked for me! lol But I'm more into spices/flavours than anything. For example, I'm picking up goat meat on Saturday and will make curry with it. Yummmm...

The only thing I won't eat is peppers, cooked or raw. I don't digest them and it's too bad because I absolutely love them!

Josie said...

I absolutely love, love, love sushi. There is a sushi restaurant near my place and I go there all the time. Sushi is an art, and the chefs there are artists. There are so many different types of sushi, it doesn't have to be fish - at all! There is one dish called gomae and it's spinach with sesame paste on it. Most people would say ick until they try it! It is scrumptious!

I don't care for most pies, either, and I could go months (years) without a hamburger or pizza. I can't STAND mushrooms. They make me gag. I love cooked onions and cook them with everything, but raw onions give me a stomach ache.

I must confess I have the same thing for breakfast every day - one scrambled egg with caramelized onions and some cheese. And a strong cup of hot coffee. I know, I'm weird. But I also like waffles or cereal, if I think about it.

Y-Maeda said...
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kimber the wolfgrrrl said...

Have a great trip to Vancouver! There are so many good restaurants, you're bound to find something you love -- although it may be difficult to avoid sushi restaurants, as they are EVERYWHERE. :)

leslie said...

Let Josie take you to that Japanese restaurant. She took me there once and I had that gomae she mentions above and it was fabulous!

And I think she knows where every ice-cream shop is in Vancouver, too. ;D

geewits said...

Big Brother,
~~I had forgotten this is your "busy season!" I hope everything goes well and you can have a relaxing summer.

~~That's one challenge I won't take. I can't put something in my mouth that makes me queasy just to look at. I don't even like white rice. And that kitchen? It was the most popular Japanese restaurant in town and it was filthy and disgusting. Yuck!

~~I, too, love a good dressing (or stuffing) but dressing is one of those things that you never know what you're going to get because everyone makes theirs differently. I've had great and I've had terrible.

~~Fortunately, I've only had to give up one food (for medical reasons) and it's grapefruit, but boy, sometimes I really miss it!

~~I have a weird olive thing. I LOVE green olives, but can't stand black olives. My brother is just the opposite and my Mom likes both.

~~Ugh! Goat meat (they have it here in Mexican restaurants -cabrito) is SO greasy. The smell of curry makes me nauseous and eel? Oh yuck! Bleck blech blech! Bon Apetit!

~~I only like spinach if it's just an ingredient like in a quiche. I never just eat spinach. I only eat two meals a day, so I rarely eat "breakfast" as I think of my meals as lunch and dinner, so I don't eat eggs very often, I guess. It's a good thing you won't get mad at me if we are someplace and you wanted to split an appetizer of stuffed mushrooms! That drives my daughter crazy.

~~I think it will be easy to avoid them!

~~Hey again. Yeah, I'm not going there AND I don't like ice cream. Maybe there are some ice cream shops across from bars and we will split up for a while.

Scarlet said...

Interesting. I thought you would like sushi for some reason. I do eat the same lunch EVERY DAY and I love it. It's yogurt, granola pieces and frozen fruit (which thaws out by lunchtime at work). Sometimes I vary the yogurt flavor and the fruit, but not the granola. Weird, huh?

Gnightgirl said...

I'm curious: How much ARE you and your sweetie alike, on the food front?

I've written before that I'll eat, or try, just about anything. You and I agree on one point, and that's a general disinterest in sweets. One bite is enough to satisfy me. If only that were true for cheese...

geewits said...

~~Just eating catfish every other Wednesday almost seems like too often to me. But that was the whole point of this post - that I think our food choices differentiate us more than anything else.

~~Well, he loves sushi! He gets to eat it for free quite often when his vendors take him to lunch, so it's no big deal. He's not a big fan of country cabbage but he will eat sauerkraut when I make a "German" dinner. He also doesn't really care for bean type things and I love black-eyed peas. Generally he eats what I cook every night and anything else he wants, he can have at lunch. But he also does not like mushrooms or onions (even carmelized ones, but that's okay, because then I get them all). It all works out. As far as sweets, he buys ice cream, candy bars or cookies for himself and eats them.

Cheese! Yes! If we were in a room full of women and there was a cheese table and a dessert table, I guess we would have the cheese table to ourselves!

Carole said...

Yes, food does make us unique. My family and I really love connecting through foods and cooking together. It's something we all love sharing together, recipes, etc.

Let's see...I love mushrooms, cooked and raw, same with onions, and spinach. As a matter of fact, I fix a spinach salad with mushrooms, hard boiled eggs, bacon, apples, and walnuts or pecans with a warm champagne dressing. So, I also love eggs and both kind of olives. I go crazy for Honeycrisp apples, especially with lime squirted on them, same with papayas (with the lime). I love Thanksgiving dressing with gravy! Fresh sushi is delicious! I have a sweet tooth that won't quit so I love any pies, cakes, cookies, candies, ice cream...etc.etc. You are what you eat, so I try and stay sweet! Ha! I love coffee, but can only do decaf. I'm a garlic-aholic. Seafood, yup! Cheese lover! I like Italian, Chinese, Mexican, French foods. My very favorite food is my own stuffed artichoke. Love peanut butter too!

I don't much like lamb, and my Italian grandmother made tripe that smelled really nasty so I wouldn't eat it. But her eggplant and stuffed zucchini were both to die for!

I'm off to get that midnight snack now! :)

geewits said...

~~Wow! You like everything! Is that some weird trick to being thin? Eating everything? I can't wait to try your stuffed artichoke and your Italian ice!

Jammie J. said...

I'm not the hugest fan of apple pie. I remember one time I wanted to make a baked apple and I was disappointed that it tasted like apple pie. I have no idea what I expected it to taste like, which is why I laugh at that in retrospect.

I love veggie rolls, but won't eat any other type of sushi. I love miso soup, though. I could drown in that and die happy, I think.

I'm also a creature of habit, so yeah, I can eat the same thing for days in a row. Which is one of the reasons my husband is good for me, he forces me to switch things up and break out of my routine.

I've always found that most people who don't like chocolate or sweet things are usually fans of hard candy and sour things. They get their sugar, just disguised. :)
Cool with me, more chocolate my way!