Monday, March 31, 2008

More Ribbon, Please

I've barely mentioned that I've been very busy putting together a 30th wedding anniversary dinner for my In-Laws. They were married in Hawaii 30 years ago this April 29th. To some of you ladies this probably doesn't seem like a big deal, but I am no event planner. This is all pretty new to me. I have reserved The Winchester Room at a local country club, picked out a menu, picked out flowers for centerpieces, and sent the invitations that I made myself (I am a graphic artist by trade in case you forgot, although I haven't worked in 9 years). I will have a display table for photographs. When I went to my In-Law's house for Easter, I picked up the pictuers my MIL wants on the table. Well, she had a handful of loose (unframed) photos, so I decided to make a photo board out of the Hawaiian print cloth that I'm using under the floral centerpieces. I always see these things on HGTV so I figured, "Hey, that looks simple!" Yeah, my brain is simple.

I went to Home Depot and bought a 24" x 24" piece of plywood. I had some batting already, and I had the cloth. The first picture is the back of the plywood with the batting already stapled down and the cloth underneath. The next picture is the finshed board and I was so happy everything went so well. Well, what happened was, when I laid out the ribbon to figure out the criss cross pattern, I realized I did not have enough ribbon.

Saturday we went back for more ribbon. I bought all they had. Today, I started working on the layout of the ribbon, was feeling good and had a plan. Everything was going great and then... And then I ran out of ribbon. Arrrgh! The third picture is my unfinished photo board. I have a doctor appointment on Friday to get a referral for a hand doctor because my right thumb has become almost useless and painful to the extreme, so I will go back to see if they have restocked. If not, we will go on Saturday to a different location to get the ribbon.

In case you don't know what a photo board is, the 4th picture shows you how it works.

Also on Saturday, we went to Party City and bought 35 pink silk flower leis. They wore pink leis at their wedding so, I thought it would be fun to hand them out to the guests. This is what 35 pink leis look like in a pile on my couch:

And at the fabric store I found this heart wreath foam thingie and made a little tube with my Hawaiian fabric to cover it.

Except for the pain in my thumb, I'm having fun with all these projects, but my advice to you is: If you ever get the insane desire to make a photo board, make sure you have about 800 thousand yards of ribbon and that's probably 6 kilometers if you live in Canada.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Yeah, I'm gonna say no.

I've mentioned many times that I watch HGTV a lot. And I mean A LOT. There has been a terrible trend in the last year or so to put chandeliers everywhere. Bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen sinks. But what bothers me the most is when they take a ceiling fan out of a bedroom and replace it with a chandelier. I am VERY hot natured and I live in a VERY hot climate. If a designer came into my house and replaced the ceiling fan in my bedroom with a chandelier, I would slap them silly and hold a sharp pointy object to them until they put the fan back. And then I'd make them hang the chandelier in my garage. Because that would be cool.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

3 2 4 1

I thought dyslexia was something you started out with and worked through and lost over time. I started out fine. I was a star in elementary school. I did pretty well in junior high. I did some fine work in high school. I graduated Cum Laude. Between all my spoonerisms and other weirdnesses, today I noticed something really odd. My Dad was an insurance salesman and in North Carolina all driving infractions have a point value that affects your insurance rates. When he was teaching me how to drive he made a big deal out of what he called a "rolling stop." He said they saw that every day on their customers' records. He always told me to count to three when I stop at a stop sign. Today I stopped at a stop sign and realized that I counted, "3, 2, 4, 1." I laughed at myself and then two hours later, I did it again.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Story of the Dogs

Last Wednesday was a nice day. I was in a good mood because everything was going so well and I didn't have any major errands to run after Meals on Wheels. More specifically, I didn't have to go to the grocery store. I really, really miss grocery delivery service. (Dear Grocery Peoples: Please start up a delivery service in my area again. Thank you.) So anyway, I was in such a good mood, I had forgotten all about Sir Bites-a-lot. As I was getting out of my truck at the house just before that one I noticed the new board in the fence across the street and was glad it was there. There used to be dog that barked his head off with his crazy face sticking out where the one fence board was missing. And when I thought of that, I remembered.
When I got back in my truck, I packed up all their stuff and had it ready. And the house was right around the corner so I didn't have much time to get all fired up. I wanted to just pull up and honk my horn but that would have been goofy, so I called them. A lady answered and I said (quite tersely), "Hi this is 'Geewits' with Meals on Wheels and I'm out here in my truck with your food. I'm not going to come to the door because your dog bit me last week." She said, "Oh, I'm holding him and someone else is coming to the door." I asked, "Can you guarantee that dog will not come out that door?" She barked, "I'm holding him!" So now I was "fired up" (I wanted to use the P word here, but it's not very Southern Belle, so I'll go with "fired up"). I marched up to the door and as I was walking up, Mr. Cigar (he always has a cigar in his hand) says, "He'll either be closed off in a room or someone will be holding him." I thrust his food at him and said, "Yeah, that was NOT pleasant." I turned sharply and marched back to my truck and never looked back. And Wednesday? I will call them again from my truck. And every Wednesday after that. So there!
I felt slightly redeemed after that and continued to have a pleasant afternoon. When I got home, the yappy-ass dog that belongs to my uphill neighbors was outside and ran right up to me barking his idjit head off. Ran right up to me in MY YARD. Barking. AT me. IN MY YARD. I was furious. So what did I do? I reached in my purse, whipped out my camera and took a picture. That freaked the dog out and he ran back home. (And yes we need to mow. I have told the mower, and yet...) It's hard to complain about anything with those neighbors though because the man is a WWII vet and I have a very soft spot in my heart for WWII vets. But that dog better stay away from me.

So just in case you are starting to think I am a dog hater, I will finish this post by telling you about Lonesome George. We went to my In-Laws for Easter dinner on Sunday and were in the backyard looking at the extensive tree work my FIL had had done. They have a smallish regular backyard, but behind their little brick wall their yard is one steep hill. You can look down into the yards from the next street. Well, directly behind them is an empty house, but someone keeps a dog in the yard and just shows up to feed it. It's a Bassett Hound looking dog. Or maybe it's an actual Bassett Hound.He looked so sad and lonely. We picked our way down the very steep incline on rough-hewn stone steps, which I wish I had taken a picture of, and went to the fence where we petted the friendly lonely dog and talked to him. He was so sweet. Poor Lonesome George. My FIL named him that and it seemed like a good name for him. I wanted to steal him and take him to a loving home. Who would leave a dog at an empty house? Poor little guy!
So now you know the truth. I do not hate dogs. I just hate dogs that live next door and yap incessantly and dogs that run out and bite me all over my foot.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Mr. Watson, Something is Afoul!

Thursday night My Sweetie was very, very embarassed to ask me if I had gas. This may not seem like anything to some of you, but in our house, unless we need medical attention, we do not discuss bodily functions. Of any kind. So I looked at him like he was crazy and asked him why he would ask me that. He said he smelled something bad in the entryway by the coat closet. I went over there and couldn't smell anything. I've been getting over a slight cold so my sniffer wasn't up to snuff, but I said, "Maybe it's the trash." He took the trash out and that was the end of the whole thing. Well, the end of the whole thing for Thursday night. Friday after I got up and walked through the entryway, I almost gagged. My first thought was "Oh NO! Our sewer pies are leaking under the house!!" I bent down and sniffed near the floor and the smell was not as strong. I stood back up, lifted my head and sniffed and realized the smell was coming from above. Then I knew we had a dead animal in the attic. I called "my guy." My guy is the man that replaced my shower last year that I call for everything. I called him to get a referral for someone to put my mural behind my toilet and to get a plumber when I was replacing my faucets and the shut off valves started leaking. I can do faucets, but I'm not going to mess with a shut off valve. Anyway the poor guy was almost at a loss (and most likely wishing he had never given me his card) and mentioned several pest control companies. We have a contract with one because of our past termite problem. (And yes I could have linked to all of these stories but it would have been link city in here.) So I thanked him profusely like I always do and called my termite company. The girl that answered the phone referred me to a company that takes care of this type of thing. I called them. About three hours later, the guy showed up.

I was very lucky that it was a gorgeous day and I could open all the windows - otherwise I would not have been able to eat my lunch. Dead animals have a dead animal smell. The guy was very interesting. I told him, "You should be on that TV show." It's a show about nasty jobs and he told me they were in talks with the guy. They do all sorts of animals and as a matter of fact he had just come from a bee job and had been stung several times and his right eye was almost swollen shut. I should have done a close up of the truck so you could read the stuff on it. Well he went up in my attic and sure enough, there was dead Mrs. Brisby. She was about 8 inches (not counting the tail) long. Isn't she lovely?
I had seriously been hoping it was a dead squirrel up there because rats are just gross. Animal guy was trying to tell me that rats and squirrels are the same except "squirrels get better press" which is a very old joke. I've also heard that rats and squirrels only differ because squirrels have pretty bushy tails. I told animal guy: No. The difference is squirrels go around in the daytime doing their thing in public whereas rats sneak around and hide in the dark like they are up to something. Speaking of up to something, it cost $300. Rats! That price included some chemicals where Mrs. Brisby died and he did an inspection to see where she got in. He found a huge hole under the eaves by our front door. He told me to just put cardboard over it to see if it was still being used, so we did that this morning:

The good news is the smell is gone and we found the hole. But $300? I'll go up there myself if I ever smell a dead animal in the attic again. Oh, and that it wasn't sewage pipes. That would have cost a LOT more than $300. See? I always see the good side of things.

Friday, March 21, 2008

My Favorite Photo

I was going to do a post tonight about my return visit on Wednesday to the house of the stupid dog that bit my foot last Wednesday, but I was talking to my neighbor today and I mentioned this Hubble Ultra Deep Field photo so I decided to post about that instead.

I think this is by far my favorite photo that I've ever seen. I like it better than any famous photo and better even than any of my own personal photos. I believe it is the only picture that I have spent so long looking at. I usually look at it for about 20 or 30 minutes each time I look at it. To get a better understanding of what you are looking at go here. To think that I am able to see a tiny pinpoint in space that existed 13 billion years ago thrills me to no end. It makes me feel alive and happy and wondrous and oh, so many other good ways. I hope you get the same thrill that I do and I'll talk about the stupid dog some other time.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

No Weather For Travel

It has rained ALL DAY here. And not in a good way. The news stories have been terrible. The airport was shut down most of the day and they said it was affecting airports all over the country. I always feel so bad for all those people stuck at the airport, especially the ones that were just meant to change planes. In all my years of air travel, I've never been in a situation like that. I think I'd handle it okay, though. It's not like I'd be traveling with a baby. Now that would suck! I'd probably just drink until I passed out somewhere. That would be the easiest way to sleep in an airport anyway. You'd just have to have enough wits about you to sleep on top of your stuff so no one could steal anything. Well as usual, I'm thinking about this too much because it will probably never happen to me. Catastrophic weather always happens just before my trips. Katrina happened before my New Orleans trip with my daughter and we already had plane tickets and room reservations. And some forgotten hurricane happened in Mexico about two or three weeks before a trip my husband and I had planned. I think it was Cozumel, but I don't remember now.

It's one in the morning here and I've been hearing planes pretty steadily for the past hour or so, so I guess they are working to finally get some of those people out of there. Tomorrow is supposed to be nice and even eventually sunny: A good day for my Meals on Wheels route, a bad day to work at the airport.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

My Unforgettable Dad

I guess since the year turned, I've been thinking a lot about my Dad. This October will be the 10th anniversay of his death. In some ways that seems crazy. How can TEN years have gone by? I'm sure I'll be writing about him a lot this year, but for now I'll just leave you with our song:

Monday, March 17, 2008

Irish Basketball

I love St. Patrick's Day. Well, it's all about being rowdy and drinking beer, right? I'm not going to put green food coloring in my beer, but I'll probably pin one of my little leprechaun troll pins on my t-shirt today. My first two married names were very Irish and I really loved the second one. The first one is my daughter's last name and she even has red hair, so she's very Irish. Her Irish is straight from her father mostly, but I have some too. I believe it's from my Dad's mother's side of the family. And even my Dad's Dad's sisters were redheads, so there may be some over there, too.

Saturday night we had dinner out with our neighbors. I told you guys a while back about the neighbor that helped me out when my washing machine died. Well since then we've talked on the phone, e-mailed and spent a little more time together. I decided it was time for the husbands to meet. We went to Texas Roadhouse which I've probably mentioned before. I love their green beans and will be having leftover ribs and green beans for lunch today. Green beans seem right for St. Patrick's Day.

Anyway, I was a little nervous, because, well, because I'm always nervous. I got that from my Granny. We're just a bunch of nervous people in the geewits family. But as usual, everything went well and we had a GREAT time. It's so fun to meet people that you have so much in common with. I'm hoping we will spend more time with the Fun Neighbors. (Scrabble?)

Saturday wasn't all good, though. Duke lost the semi-final round of the ACC tournament, but I didn't cry. We've had such a good season, I knew we were guaranteed a spot in the NCAA tournament. I know most of you don't follow college basketball or March Madness, but I'll be living it and breathing it for the next couple of weeks. Duke got a number 2 seed in the west. I also play in a brackets game for money. I'll be studying the newspaper and the internet today to make my picks. It's always tough because I want to win the money, but I'm a loyal fan. And it's tough to pick the game Duke might lose, but I really can't see them winning the whole thing this year. Or can they? I have a few days to make my picks. I would love for Duke to win it again, but.....

Anyway, have a great St. Patrick's day and have a beer and make a toast to me, your favorite beer drinker! (Not you, Ian.)

Saturday, March 15, 2008

When TV was Great

We've been working our way through the old "Mary Tyler Moore" shows since Christmas. When I was making my Christmas wish list I suddenly realized with a bit of shock that I didn't own any Mary. I got Season 1 for Christmas and we loved it so much, my husband kept ordering them. I actually felt sort of sorry for him because he was only 5 when the first one aired. I was 11 and remember how much my parents were looking forward to this new show.
It was a Saturday night show and was part of the then "Must see TV" line-up on Saturdays that included "All in the Family" and "The Carol Burnett Show"and two years later, "The Bob Newhart Show." I loved Saturday nights. We lived across a dirt road from Leroy's which was a little country store and many Saturday nights Dad would send my brother over there for candy bars or my Mom would make popcorn. And we always had Pepsi.
I didn't really realize how much Mary's wardrobe on the show influenced my Mom. They were close to the same age and looked a lot alike. We were not wealthy so my Mom made a lot of our clothes. She was pretty good at it too. She was always in there sewing away and make some really good outfits. It's crazy and well kinda touching watching the show now and recognizing so many outfits. When we watch the show I find myself saying stuff like: "My Mom made herself a suit just like that!" or "Mom had a dress just like that!" One of my favorite memories is when Mom went into my brother's room one Saturday and took a blue vinyl bedspread off of one of his bunkbeds and made herself a skirt and vest. People went crazy over it. It WAS the seventies, okay?
But back to the show. It really amazes me how fresh and funny this show is. There is not a lot of topical humor, or maybe I should say there isn't TOO MUCH topical humor. It's really just great universal situational humor. We are currently on the 3rd disk of season three and it's gotten so funny, I don't even want to watch it while I eat. I don't want to choke or spew food all over the floor from laughing. My Sweetie says the third season is when a really great show hits its stride - and this show is really great now. We also have season 4 and I'm looking forward to more Mary & the Gang. If you're in the mood for something different, rent the first season and watch this either for the first time or all over again. It's really fun stuff and will put you in a good mood. You just might love it after all.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

My Turn to Rant

Two weeks ago, a little dog, like the one in the picture, ran out of a house I've been to many times and went berserk and sort of nipped at me. I was pretty upset because it's taken me many years to be relaxed around dogs because I was always afraid of them because of childhood traumas and a lot of Meals on Wheels clients have dogs. I told My Sweetie and maybe Lo about it and I meant to call the MOW office but I forgot. And then last week nothing happened.
The day started out bad enough. A woman in Dallas tossed her two sons off of an overpass onto a highway and then jumped. That's not the first news you want to hear in the morning. Your brain starts swirling with all the: Why would anyone do that? How could you do that to your children? What was she thinking? How can a mother ever cause harm to her kids? They all survived as of the last news I heard, but they are all in the hospital. And what about those poor people driving on the highway and see a kid come tumbling down? Sheeeesh. People are so freaking weird.
After the news I was watching "The View" and getting a kick out of the womens' take on Governor Whorehound and then I was all excited because they were introducing my idol: Carol Burnett. Just as they introduced her, the network cut away to a special report and it was Governor Whorehound announcing his resignation. If I lived in New York, that would be important, but for crying out loud it was Carol Burnett!
This house with the bad dog has a sign on the door: Do not ring bell. Baby sleeping. Well last week I was distracted because my daughter was with me and I rang the bell and as soon as I did I felt horrible and I apologized like crazy and the woman said, "Oh she's not even here." That made me feel better, but as I was driving over there today I kept repeating in my head, "Don't ring the doorbell, don't ring the doorbell." So I walk up to the door and before I can even knock, the door opens. I said, "I wasn't going to ring the bell." She responds, "I need to take that down, she's in daycare now." and then grabs the sign from the door. I start handing her all the stuff (there are two clients there) and then that same freaking dog runs out and goes berserk and attacks my right foot. I mean he is BITING me. I just sort of froze because it happened so fast. She finally reached down and smacked him and he ran back in the house and she's all "I'm so sorry, he's never done that. We'll lock him up next time." And me, because I'm so moronic when under pressure said, "That's not cool." That's not cool? Hey! 1974 called and they want their hippie back! WTF? That's not cool? Why would I say that? What am I, 14? Johnny Fever?
It was 78 today and I knew it was going to be 78 and thought about wearing sandals, but I got lazy and didn't want to clip my toenails so I wore tennis shoes. I kept thinking, "What if I had worn sandals?" When I got to my bar I called MOW to report the incident and the nice lady said, "We haven't gotten complaints from anyone else." I wish I had said, "Well good for them." but what I said was, "Next Wednesday I will call them from my truck in their driveway and they can come out and get the food or tell me the dog is locked up." Urg.
There was a TV show in the 80's where a guy found a watch that froze time. He would fix situations. I wish I had that watch. I would go to that bridge in Dallas this morning, grab those children from that deranged mom and hand her that dog. Now THAT is cool.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Random Stuff

I was so sad when little David Archuleta bombed tonight on "American Idol." (He's the one on the left for those of you who are too cool to watch this show.) I actually started to tear up, but I was also chewing a bite of quesadilla and I found out a long time ago that crying and eating do not mix well.

Friday, I got the pots and pans I had ordered from Macy's. I had always wanted stainless steel cookware but never quite got around to it. Then I get this e-mail from Macy's that's all "KITCHENWARE CLEARANCE WITH FREE SHIPPING TODAY ONLY." So, you know, I had to go at least look. They made me an offer I couldn't refuse. The brand is Cuisinart and I am IN LOVE. I've used 4 of them so far. That one right behind the tomatoes up there? I've never had anything like that, but I've always wanted something like that so that one is my very favorite. I stored the dutch oven away because I'm not a big dutch oven user, but I will be using the other ones all the time. Every time I look at them or touch them, in my head I sing a rousing chorus of "How [did] I live without you?" Yeah, I'm weird.

Speaking of new, I mentioned I finally got a new phone. That's the old one on the left and the new one on the right. I haven't really used it yet. I usually only use my phone on Wednesdays when I do Meals on Wheels, so maybe I will get to use it tomorrow. And speaking of tomorrow, tomorrow is Catfish Wednesday! Yay! I love Catfish Wednesday. I really am very easily amused.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Popular by default

How I felt at the party.

Friday night was certainly weird. It was a work party/(very long) happy hour event celebrating 3 different things for two different people. And yeah, I don't work, so it was my husband's company. I wasn't really looking forward to it for all the reasons you can imagine and also because I feel like I have to keep a sense of decorum at these things and I'm not all that decorous when I'm at a big loud party. Is decorous a word? But it ended up being a fun and very interesting night. The wackiest part was how people that had initially generally ignored me, upon finding out I was Mrs. My Sweetie, were fawning all over me. Like they had a sudden personality transplant. Those people really really love my husband. Or something. I started to feel like a celebrity. Or a celebrity's wife. I did take my cue from the behavior of others and cut loose a bit. I sang "Happy Birthday" to the birthday guy and "Happy Trails" to the going away guy after inhaling helium. It seemed to go over well. I have a really funny helium voice. There were also vendors there including an old vendor from my working days that I knew from 1995. I told him he looked exactly the same to me but he took it as an insult. I didn't mean it as one. I'm probably 40 pounds heavier, not to mention 13 years older, so I know I didn't look the same. If he had told me I looked the same, I would have taken it as a compliment. I even met a guy that's married to a woman that used to work there. Small world, I guess. The best one was I met a blogger that reads 3 different things I read. He asked me for my blog and I told him I couldn't tell him because of my husband's request for anonymity and he works with my husband. He said he would try to figure it out from the blogs we both read. I never comment on one of them (dooce) very rarely comment on another (Wil Wheaton) and I don't think he could guess me from TVGasm. I felt bad that I couldn't tell him, but I have to respect my husband's wishes. It ended up being quite a long night but we made it home in one piece. We were very close to the house, thank goodness.

We finally updated our phones today. And because I am quite a cheapo about some things, we opted for the free upgrade phones. They are very tiny. I sure won't miss having to remember the keypad lock thing. And the phone takes pictures in case I forget my camera. My husband's phone was even older than mine and he didn't even have text messaging so he went crazy. We went to the grocery store after we got the phones and he texted me from like 30 feet away. What a goof! I can supposedly check my e-mail on this phone but I'll probably never figure that out.

I'd love to close by saying it was a great weekend but my team lost the big game against their arch rivals on Saturday and came in second for their conference. I cried. It sucked. But they can still win the conference tournament. But not if they play like they did on Saturday. There's still March Madness after that and of course:

There's always next year!

Thursday, March 06, 2008

My Blogging Mentor

Jazz awarded me the Blogging Mentor award. I have to say I was shocked and extremely honored (honoured, as she would say). When I first saw this award going around I started thinking about what it meant. Then, of course, because I have a spritely (spastic?) brain, I began thinking about my whole blogging experience. It 's a goofy story which is entirely appropriate as it is my story.

What happened was, years ago, maybe 2003 or 2004, I was reading my People Magazine and there was a little blurb about an anonymous Hollywood blog that had everyone guessing. I didn't know what a blog was, but I punched in the stuff and found a very funky website by a guy who claimed to be a Hollwood Player and had all sorts of interesting and sordid stories. He interspersed all these colorful showbiz anecdotes with little short stories. Because it was a big mystery about who this guy was, I became intrigued and did lots of research. I read the whole thing and checked dates and whatnot and decided it had to be Steve Martin. After the People article, I wasn't the only curious person checking out his site, and he got tired of people just commenting guesses, like "Are you Ben Affleck?"( Which was stupid of course, because he was obviously much older.) He started turning over his blog to guest writers and "friends" and eventually stopped blogging. I did once leave this comment: "You were born in Waco, Texas in 1945." He stopped posting close enough after that time to make me think I was right.

I also did a search on an expression once and found Plurp, a website that ended in 2004. I still didn't know the word "blog" in 2003, so I'd say, "I have to read the Plurp." Please don't look it up, because my comments there are very dorky.

I don't remember what the blog server was for "Steve Martin" but at the top of the page was a link that said something like "read other blogs" or something to that effect. I was bored one night and clicked on it and there was a page of recent posts. I would randomly click on them and most were boring or creepy, but one night I hit on one that was interesting to me. I have no idea why. If I remember correctly, she was a wife and mom of two kids in Kentucky and was in the healthcare business. I guess I just liked the way she said stuff. Well one night she said, "You HAVE to check out this blog!" That was Jay's Party, which is still there but ended in June 2005. (And if you want to check it out, you should start at the beginning.) I found it absolutely riveting! Remember the TV viewers on The Truman Show? It was like that.

Well, I found Jeanette (the cutie in the picture with me up there) in Jay's comments. The name "Jeanette" is special to me, so I contacted her to join her private blog. I loved her blog. We had that wonderful thing where we were very similar and very different (My favorite combination!) so I was always leaving all sorts of long comments and she always said, "You need to make a blog." Many times. Finally one day I did. So, I guess Jeanette is my blogging mentor. Thanks Jeanette! I'm really enjoying it!

Monday, March 03, 2008

Wecome to Texas!

I think it was 70 degrees yesterday (Sunday). I can't help but wonder if that's the day all the national new reporters flocked (like BIRDS!, heh heh) to Texas to cover Tuesday's primary. They were probably quite warm depending on their home bases. They probably spent Sunday getting settled in and playing golf. And then tonight it snowed. I think the temperature dropped 36 degrees in less than 24 hours. I wonder how many of the reporters did not bring a coat?

Speaking of the national news, ABC's "World News Tonight" did a story on the grackle problem here and of course mentioned Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds, so I was thinking, Do they read my blog? It was quite a coincidence that they reported on it today. After years of dealing with these annoying birds, they have finally found a solution: Hawks. Apparently hawks can take down and kill 6 or more grackles in a day and the grackles do not like the hawks and may go away on their own. And these are pet hawks and the hawk owners are getting paid for this. Only in Texas.

Today was the first time my Mom and I have had a political argument. We have always been on the same page in the past, but now we are in different books. She is in her retirement place in North Carolina but still registered to vote here. She even tried to get her husband to drive her here to vote, but he's not only in a different book, he's in a different bookstore. She tried so hard to persuade me to vote her way and I tried so hard to explain why I was voting my way. Now I'm glad she's out of town so that her vote does not cancel out my vote. I've put a lot of thought into this vote, almost too much, but I have made my decision and that is that.

I've mentioned before how Texans love being the center of attention and now this primary has become important and the hype is incredible. Phrases like "Texas is the Belle of the Ball," are all over the news. And then it snowed tonight and Texas goes crazy for Weather. I actually felt sorry for the news directors. The night before the primary AND snow. They must have been going crazy.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

But You Have To Know How

Happy Downtowner tagged me with that page 123 meme. The thing is, Ticknart had this a while back and unfortunately I have the same book near my computer. The book is Hey! It's That Guy which is a book about character actors and unfortunately page 123 is the page for Brian Thompson and there is nothing really interesting about him (I hope he doesn't read this). I couldn't help but wonder if this meme started out to build a funny story with all these random 5 lines from books.

When I was in 7th grade we did a fun creative writing exercise. We started writing a story and then a timer dinged (DING!) and we passed our paper to the person behind us. This went on until our original story had worked its way down the row and back to us and we then had to wrap up the story. I thought it was fascinating how my original concept changed. I actually kept that piece of paper and it is probably in one of those boxes that I keep.

A lady named Rhea challenged Josie to write a six word memoir based on Hemmingway's six word story: "For sale: baby shoes, never worn." I noticed nearly all of the responses to Rhea's challenge were very, uhm, adjectivey or haikuish. (I don't think those are real words, but what the hey?) People seemed kinda freaked out by the concept. I thought it was too easy. I recently commented on Happy Downtowner's blog that this line from The Cat in the Hat is practically my mantra: Look at me, look at me, look at me now. It is fun to have fun, but you have to know how.

My 6 word memoir is this: I know how to have fun.