Thursday, July 17, 2014

Sad Times

I feel like I need to address the fact that my sister-in-law died. She was only 43 and died in her sleep. We still do not know the cause of death. It happened in the early hours of June 8th. It has been a terrible time for My Sweetie and his family. I really do not have more to say on this. I guess I just wanted to record it here. 

Wednesday, January 08, 2014

I am Back is what I am

I thought I was through with blogging. I felt like facebook was fine and I could say all I wanted to say in two or three sentences, but over the past year I sometimes felt I wanted to tell a longer story. And I would think: This would make a great blog post, and I could use italics! And bold!

  Another part of me felt guilty about all my DIY posts - my DIY posts got a lot of hits. I had an idea to create a new blog about do-it-yourself stuff and copy and paste all of those posts over so people could see them again, but I was ultimately too lazy to ever do that. It was a good idea though.

  I'm sure enough time has passed that I have been forgotten by the blogging community, but if people want to make a footstool, or re-wire a lamp or whatever else stuff I've posted about, it is now back online. And if I want to tell a longer story, I have the proper place.