Wednesday, January 08, 2014

I am Back is what I am

I thought I was through with blogging. I felt like facebook was fine and I could say all I wanted to say in two or three sentences, but over the past year I sometimes felt I wanted to tell a longer story. And I would think: This would make a great blog post, and I could use italics! And bold!

  Another part of me felt guilty about all my DIY posts - my DIY posts got a lot of hits. I had an idea to create a new blog about do-it-yourself stuff and copy and paste all of those posts over so people could see them again, but I was ultimately too lazy to ever do that. It was a good idea though.

  I'm sure enough time has passed that I have been forgotten by the blogging community, but if people want to make a footstool, or re-wire a lamp or whatever else stuff I've posted about, it is now back online. And if I want to tell a longer story, I have the proper place.

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