Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Colorado Fires

My daughter was evacuated from work today. The fires have already consumed housing near the Air Force Academy. I'm worried sick about what is happening up there. I hope something can be done to control these fires.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Some Random Pictures

I made this for my new facebook profile. My stupid short hair is finally growing out just in time for 100° weather . Yay me. They say timing is everything.

I made this artsy picture of my brother, nephews and myself from the beach trip in May. I really like it, but I sort of wish I had put the horizon straight. It looks like the ocean is all pouring towards the equator.

Freddy the possum brings his sister around every once in a while. My Sweetie named her "Ginger." It's funny but when I named Freddy I wasn't thinking about Fred Astaire.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Basic Math

Sentimentality + Memory Like An Elephant = Bad Combination For Clearing Out Closet.
I decided to really go for it in my closet and took out the entire row of shirts hanging on the short sleeve rack. I did a good job. I didn't put too many back. As I folded each shirt to place in the giveaway box, I visualized events of when I wore each one. I had many thoughts like this:
Oh, I remember this from the beach.
I loved wearing this in Vegas.
Eww, I wore that on that horrible trip.
I can't believe I ever wore this.
I wish this still fit.
What was I thinking?
I wish this one wasn't so short.
I remember wearing this in New Orleans.
Oh, I loved this shirt!
It seemed like every shirt had a story. I think the charity that I am giving them to should make a pretty penny. And I hope the new owners make some good memories in them.
Fighting Sentimentality + Determination = Cleaner Closet

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Best Tongue Twister Ever!

I just came up with my greatest tongue twister of all time:
Brown Baboon, Black Baboon.
I can't even say it twice slow.

Saturday, June 16, 2012


Friday was so horrible I can't even talk about it yet. I am busy working on getting my joy back. I've never wanted to shoot someone in the throat before. It was really horrible. Hopefully, I'll get back to feeling like myself and I'll be able to tell the story. I hope everyone I've ever liked had a far better Friday than I had. I wouldn't wish that on anyone.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Alternate Universe of My Life

I was in the shower yesterday and I was going over scenarios in my head, like what my life would have been like if Dad had not become unhappy with his job in Goldsboro. If he had never applied at the insurance company. If we had never moved when I was 12. I was trying to picture what the rest of junior high would have been like and then high school and where I may have gone to college. It was really weird. I think I would have been a cheerleader and high school president. And I would have been a big honking small town hick. Maybe once I got to college I would have started to turn into the person I became, but who knows?
So then I asked myself, What's the point of these thoughts? What a waste of time. Then I laughed at myself and thought, Think of it as a form of Fan Fiction. Creative writing, if you will. It was all very strange. I'm just really really glad Dad became dissatisfied with his job. And I'm really really glad he applied for the insurance job and I'm SUPER glad they hired him and sent him to another town. It's fascinating how everyone's moments change the course of history. I don't think about these things too often, but just enough to be grateful for how they played out.

Thursday, June 07, 2012

June Musings:2012 Version

 That's a pic of my brother doing some chalk art of a sea serpent on the beach cottage deck. We all go crazy with that chalk. And then when someone forgets and sits against one and wears it on their shirt, we all have a good laugh at them. I did one on purpose. I wrote: NO! backwards and then sat against it.
The WW2 veteran and his wife who lived next door are gone. They have moved into an assisted living community. The house will go on the market next week. They were the ones that owned Barky Barkerson, the dog that could bark nonstop for 8 hours. They had found a new home for Barky about 6 months ago, so we've had 6 months of blissful peace. I've run through every possible bad scenario for new neighbors. I hope I am wrong on all of them.
Speaking of neighbors: An orphaned baby possum has been hanging around my front porch. He's really cute:
I keep a water dish out there and put some cat food out sometimes, but the reality is, I'm probably just fattening him up for the bobcat to eat.
There are so many projects I'd like to tackle, but with only one good arm, I haven't done anything. I know myself well enought to know that I would probably reinjure my shoulder. I wish I had a dollar for how many times I have already said, "Oops. I probably shouldn't have done that."
So that's June so far. I will be keeping an eye on the house next door. I hope I get decent neighbors.