Thursday, June 07, 2012

June Musings:2012 Version

 That's a pic of my brother doing some chalk art of a sea serpent on the beach cottage deck. We all go crazy with that chalk. And then when someone forgets and sits against one and wears it on their shirt, we all have a good laugh at them. I did one on purpose. I wrote: NO! backwards and then sat against it.
The WW2 veteran and his wife who lived next door are gone. They have moved into an assisted living community. The house will go on the market next week. They were the ones that owned Barky Barkerson, the dog that could bark nonstop for 8 hours. They had found a new home for Barky about 6 months ago, so we've had 6 months of blissful peace. I've run through every possible bad scenario for new neighbors. I hope I am wrong on all of them.
Speaking of neighbors: An orphaned baby possum has been hanging around my front porch. He's really cute:
I keep a water dish out there and put some cat food out sometimes, but the reality is, I'm probably just fattening him up for the bobcat to eat.
There are so many projects I'd like to tackle, but with only one good arm, I haven't done anything. I know myself well enought to know that I would probably reinjure my shoulder. I wish I had a dollar for how many times I have already said, "Oops. I probably shouldn't have done that."
So that's June so far. I will be keeping an eye on the house next door. I hope I get decent neighbors.


Anonymous said...

Oh, he's so cute! Poor soon to be lunch baby possum.

Here's hoping you'll get decent neighbors.

VioletSky said...

my neighbours have also moved and I am hoping for another quiet couple. so far I have been very lucky.
I think possums are cute and don't understand why people around here are so up in arms over their growing numbers.

geewits said...

He's still alive and kicking. I named him Freddy. He hardly even backed up when I opened the door tonight to give him some cat food.

Lets hope we both get good neighbors. As for the possums, I think most people think they are rodents, when in fact they are marsupials. Plus, they eat insects, so that makes them heroes in my book.

Ian Lidster said...

Your baby possum is cute. Trouble is, unless eaten by said bobcat, those suckers get pretty big -- and ugly -- with mean teeth. Sounds like an inviting June, however.

Carole said...

Was fun sneaking in the neighbor's house with you today! Ha!
Cute little possum. If he meows, you know he stole Barney's voice.