Friday, June 22, 2012

Basic Math

Sentimentality + Memory Like An Elephant = Bad Combination For Clearing Out Closet.
I decided to really go for it in my closet and took out the entire row of shirts hanging on the short sleeve rack. I did a good job. I didn't put too many back. As I folded each shirt to place in the giveaway box, I visualized events of when I wore each one. I had many thoughts like this:
Oh, I remember this from the beach.
I loved wearing this in Vegas.
Eww, I wore that on that horrible trip.
I can't believe I ever wore this.
I wish this still fit.
What was I thinking?
I wish this one wasn't so short.
I remember wearing this in New Orleans.
Oh, I loved this shirt!
It seemed like every shirt had a story. I think the charity that I am giving them to should make a pretty penny. And I hope the new owners make some good memories in them.
Fighting Sentimentality + Determination = Cleaner Closet


Anonymous said...

Closet math. I love it.

geewits said...

hee hee. closet math.