Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Silly Adult Phone Conversation

Me: Hello?
My Sweetie: Where are you?
Me: Nevada
My Sweetie: So you hopped a plane?
Me: Yeah
My Sweetie: Are you having fun?
Me: Yeah, except I just lost $140.
My Sweetie: But you got groceries for that.
Me: Yeah
My Sweetie: See you in a few minutes.
And just for funsies (and to possibly make you roll your eyes), I covered a cardboard box for Barney to sleep in and I really think he likes it:

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Organizing the Tupperware

This is the before picture of the three main shelves of my pantry:
I had kept my plasticware in that blue dish drainer for quite a while. It seemed like a good idea at the time. And don't let the picture fool you. First of all I was holding the camera up. That middle shelf is my eye level shelf. I had to use this to sort through the plasticware:

And you had to do it that way, because if you tried to just slide that drainer thing out, all the small lids would slide right through it. And the bottom shelf? Well because it was below eye level, I pretty much used only the front 8 inches. I didn't even know what was behind the stuff in front. So I cleared out that bottom shelf.:

I am ashamed to say, there were cans of stuff in there that dated all the way back to 2005. There was a can of peaches that looked like it was moments away from exploding. It was not good. Out of Sight, Out of Mind truly applied.


Anyway I got this pull out drawer plastic bin thing and transferred all the plasticware from the blue drainer basket to the drawer:

Then I put the good stuff from the first 8 inches of the bottom shelf onto the top shelf and I slid the drawer bin onto the bottom shelf with my plasticware tucked neatly inside:

And now it all makes more sense:

Whenever I do stuff like this I always wonder why I hadn't thought of it before. I've had the pull out drawer bin since 2008. It was one of the things I brought home when I cleared out Mom's house that year. I had been using it to store my rock polishing stuff - which I haven't used in a long time. And why hadn't I noticed that I hadn't looked into the back of that bottom shelf in years? There are actually two shelves below that one and I go through those quite often. Anyway, I got it done and it has worked out great so far. So yay! And thank God that can of peaches never blew up.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Christmas Fever (in my feet?)

I spent most of Friday, Saturday and Sunday decorating for Christmas. I do it for me because I love love love Christmas stuff. See that stuff at the bottom of the pic? That's a clear polymer with little gift boxes printed on it. I cut out little panels of that to put on the panes of my front porch light. I love it! I didn't take a picture because although the project itself is very cute, the metal around the panes is old and crappy.
We went our for a little while to shop for some fun stuff on Saturday and then stopped at a bar for beers and then went out to eat. That was fun. We went to three different places to shop and I got piles of stuff but we only spent about $40 at each store. I love good deals. And now my feet are killing me!
Seriously, the last time my feet hurt this bad was when I wore my "ruby" slippers to walk all over Bourbon Street. What happened was, I spent quite a lot of time over these last three days, balancing on my toes on the top step of a step ladder. Standing on your toes on a step ladder uses about a thousand more foot muscles than just standing on your toes on the floor. I guess there's that whole balancing thing. I mean if you're on the floor on your toes and reaching up and you get off balance, you just take a step back. On top of a step ladder? Taking a step back is not a good idea. It requires falling. I do not care for falling. So I used all thousand muscles of my feet over and over and now I am paying the price.

I think Monday will be used to rest my feet and enjoy my Christmas decorations. Sounds like a very good use of a Monday to me.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Friday Goofy

I took this picture Thursday night in Downtown Fort Worth
of My Sweetie in front of a painting
of what we can only figure to be Pirate Claus.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Not A Topical Climate

This is going to be one of those posts where I ramble and do not adhere to any particular topic because I feel like chatting about some things.
Saturday night, we went out on a date night because we found out about a bar/arcade that features the old 80's arcade games as well as pinball. We played Galaga, Asteroids, Ms. PacMan, Donkey Komg and Frogger as well as a few other games as well as pinball and skeeball. The weather was perfect and they had the place sort of open air with two large garage type doors open to the patio. After we played some games we headed downtown to eat and play.
I love the crazy Texas topiary they have downtown. We went to the old City Streets which is called something else now and had some beers and played pool and wandered about. It was a fun date night.
I have been unhappy with my current tupperware situation. And I don't mean Tupperware©. I use "tupperware" like I use "kleenex." Kleenex means "soft paper you blow your nose on" to me. But back to the tupperware. My plastic food storage containers, (see! tupperware is easier to say and type!) are ridiculously unorganized. Where they are currently stored requires me to stand on a step stool and have a hunting expedition. EVERY. TIME. So I have been mulling over this for a while and as usual, I got an idea. I will take before and after pictures when I do this - about 13 hours from now.

Although I hate Thanksgiving, I somehow ended up volunteering to provide food for my in-laws. I have kept it super simple and it's only going to be four people so it's not so bad. The hardest part will be taking everything over to their house. And if you have just wondered, the answer is "No. It would not be easier to have them over here." Well, easier for me, but not for them.
45 minutes ago I put an ad on Craigslist for something free. I want to get rid of a computer speaker set. And I am not kidding but I have already had EIGHT responses. One of them said "I can pick them up right now." Really? At 1:00 A freaking M? I've done this before and I met the guy in the afternoon in a CVS parking lot on the corner of a busy street. And I watched him drive away before I left. And then I didn't go straight home. I'm no dummy. That was for a box of pool and spa chemicals that we had after we had that spa taken out. And for these speakers I'm doing the same thing but also My Sweetie will be with me because I'm going for Saturday afternoon. While I have been typing this, I have already arranged for the Saturday thing and had two more e-mails. I guess some people really want some free stuff.
Also I finally am getting near the end of this chair covering stuff. The third chair I covered was awful. As in "How not to recover a chair" awful. So that is now the chair in my smoking room. So after the third chair, I guess I was gun shy. I kept saying, "I need to be in the zone." Well apparently today (Tuesday) I was in the zone because I did my best chair yet. I wanted to go ahead and do the 5th chair after that because it was ready, but I had an accidental nap. And the 6th and last chair has not been stripped down yet. I will get there eventually. And I've taken lots of pictures.
And now I am all topiced out. Topicked? Topicced? Topict? hmmmm

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Time. How It Boggles.*

Today is Mom's birthday. My Sweetie and I went out for a date night, Saturday night, and as we were cruising down the highway, I was thinking: So 73 years ago, my grandmother was a 26 year old woman with two little kids and at full burst pregnancy with mom. (I really can't picture grandma as a 26 year old person.)

By the way, I finally figured out why I never liked my grandmother. I can usually come up with things, but they never really explain how I feel. I realized after all this time that in my entire lifetime, I never heard my grandmother laugh. And she never smiled. Oh yeah there are a few photographs, but that's just for the photographer. Who doesn't laugh or smile? Ick. But enough of that.

Today is Mom's birthday. Mom was no June Cleaver. If Mom had to be described in comparison to TV people, she would have been a combination of Laura Petrie, Mary Richards, Edith Bunker and Della Street. Yeah, an unusual combination, but that's how real people are.

I really love Mom and I'm so happy she's still here. I can't believe Mom is 73. Time is a weird thing.

Mom laughs and smiles. I love that in a person. And I love my Mom.

(*I stole the word "boggles" from Jazz.)

Thursday, November 17, 2011

My Weird Dreams

I always have the strangest, most vivid dreams. This morning when I woke up, I was straight out of a long dream where I was a student at some sort of audio/visual school. There were all these banks of VCRs and monitors and we were all comparing our work and, of course, it all seemed perfectly normal. When I woke up I was all, "What the heck was that? An audio/visual school from 1993?" I thought it was weird that my dream self did not realize that all the equipment was so outdated.


I wonder why I have no sense of the date in my dreams. Sometimes my daughter (who is 27) will be 5 years old in a dream and my dream self doesn't even notice. Or Dad, who died in 1998, is in the dream and my dream self doesn't freak out - it all seems perfectly normal. Dreams are so odd. At least I don't get the tidal waves anymore.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I Am Not Kidding

My Sweetie opened that bottle for me and pulled out that cotton. We did not fluff it up or anything. That's just how it came out of the bottle. It was crazy. Like a clown car. If the car was a vitamin C bottle and the clowns were cotton. And there are actual vitamin C tablets in that bottle. Lots of them. It was very strange.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Good Blood

So I got the letter from my doctor regarding my latest blood work and I was very very happy to read that my liver is fine. I do so love my beer but I like my liver also. Also my kidneys are fine, which are things I rarely think about but my doctor had said that he was concerned because of one of my medicines. So that was good. The only negative thing in the letter was my bad cholesterol, the LDL was a little high. It was followed by these lines: Avoid the fried foods and foods with lots of butter or cream. Watch out for high fat dairy products as well.
Really? I could go months without fried foods but I love butter, cream sauces, cheese sauces. Havarti cheese? yum yum yum. I suppose this would be good reason number 18 to start walking on my treadmill regularly. My excuse that it was too hot all summer was sound, but has now expired. Trying to reduce my LDL seems like a more interesting challenge than trying to lose 20 pounds, so I think I just may have the incentive I've always needed.
The most interesting thing about the letter was that my doctor had actually hand written my address on the envelope. I bet it had to be hand canceled. I can't imagine the electronic reader at the post office could read it. Heck, they probably had to take it to a pharmacist.

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Shoes and Synchronicities

I decided I wanted some black leather tennis shoes for winter and as usual after trying on five or so pairs of shoes, I felt dejected and so ambled over to the men's section where I found these great Pumas:
Yep. More man shoes for me. They are so comfy. I can see why man shoes are so much more expensive than lady shoes: They are way more comfortable and way better made. On the other hand I have funky Fred Flintstone feet. My daughter's feet are so narrow, she could probably put both of her feet in this shoe if her feet weren't so long. We have opposite feet. That actually works out great if one of us buys the wrong shoes. But enough of that.

I've talked about synchronicity a lot. I am especially attuned to it. It all started last week when I watched Drumline while I was eating lunch. I had seen it once before, just after it came out eight or nine years ago. I was thinking: Who is this kid? I love this guy! So I looked him up and found out it was Nick Cannon. Well I knew Mariah Carey married Nick Cannon and I knew he hosted a TV talent show but I didn't really know who he was. And then all of a sudden, just a few days later Nick Cannon pops up on two of the talk shows I watch. Synchronicity.
I also watched the movie 2012 and the German Chancellor was played by a blonde woman and I thought: That's cool they made the German Chancellor a woman. Yeah I know, the German Chancellor is a blonde woman, but I did not know that until a few days later when she popped up all over the news regarding the Greece bailout. Synchronicity. By the way, the actress playing her in 2012 was born in Vancouver - Merrilyn Gann. She also founded the Northern Light Theater in Edmonton.
There were a couple more that I can't think of right now, and then Sunday night we were watching the TV show "Grimm" and a big bad wolf had eaten a college student in the woods. When the lead characters showed up they were told it was a girl and when they asked how they knew that, the cop on the scene said, "Lady's pink Nike." So this was just a few hours after I bought my latest man shoes and I turned to My Sweetie and asked, "So if all they find is my shoe, they'll think it was a guy?"

Friday, November 04, 2011

File Under: WHAT?!?

This picture is in the November 2011 issue of National Geographic:
The article is about buried warrior's gold from medieval times. The caption on the above picture states:
A figure pocked with nail holes may represent a horse - or a bear, or a boar, or even a wolf.
Really? Really? I consider National Geographic to be a smart sciencey magazine and that's what they think that gold figurine is? Really? It's a freaking seahorse! It even has a little swim fin at the bottom. Or it could be a wolf. Or a boar. Yeah, no. I'm going with seahorse.

Thursday, November 03, 2011

Halloween Was Fun! And Exhausting!

My Sweetie has school on Mondays and Wednesdays so he wasn't here Monday night, but my daughter came over for Halloween. We had a good time. I got a late start decorating. I think I started at 4:00 and everything seemed to take 1000 times longer than I remembered from three years ago. More than likely, I didn't start at 4:00 three years ago.
It was also very warm and although I was wearing shorts, a Tee and had my hair up, I got so hot and sweaty I completely soaked a bandana that I was using to wipe my head.

I was running so behind I didn't bother to move the step ladder for the picture and I didn't get to put as much spider webbing on the porch that I wanted to. The funniest thing that happened was Carole called me (she lives two doors down) and said that a little boy had just come by and asked for extra candy for his sister. He said she got so scared at the house two doors down (mine!) that she wouldn't get out of the car. I think the reason my ghoul is so scary is because it is 6 feet tall. It's funny to think that an old shower caddy and some chicken wire could cause a little girl to not want to get out of her car. I'm sure she'll be fine.
The fun part of the night was the crazy conversations my daughter and I were having between doorbell rings. The strange part of the whole thing was the next day. I had a good solid eight hours of sleep but I felt exhausted and even kind of hungover the next day. It was very odd because two years ago I spent Halloween partying on Bourbon Street and I was fine the next day and last year we dressed up and went to a World Series game. And I was fine the next day. If decorating my yard and handing out candy is so exhausting, I think next year I will just go back to New Orleans.