Thursday, November 10, 2011

Good Blood

So I got the letter from my doctor regarding my latest blood work and I was very very happy to read that my liver is fine. I do so love my beer but I like my liver also. Also my kidneys are fine, which are things I rarely think about but my doctor had said that he was concerned because of one of my medicines. So that was good. The only negative thing in the letter was my bad cholesterol, the LDL was a little high. It was followed by these lines: Avoid the fried foods and foods with lots of butter or cream. Watch out for high fat dairy products as well.
Really? I could go months without fried foods but I love butter, cream sauces, cheese sauces. Havarti cheese? yum yum yum. I suppose this would be good reason number 18 to start walking on my treadmill regularly. My excuse that it was too hot all summer was sound, but has now expired. Trying to reduce my LDL seems like a more interesting challenge than trying to lose 20 pounds, so I think I just may have the incentive I've always needed.
The most interesting thing about the letter was that my doctor had actually hand written my address on the envelope. I bet it had to be hand canceled. I can't imagine the electronic reader at the post office could read it. Heck, they probably had to take it to a pharmacist.


mrwriteon said...

So happy about your results. That's a nice feeling, isn't it. Yes, I have a slight cholesterol problem. Not severe but I have to watch it. But, as for butter, Julia Child slathered butter on everything and lived to about 923.

VioletSky said...

there is no way we should live without butter. or cream. or havarti. I'd rather do the treadmill.

geewits said...

~~True, Also I am way more about quality of life than quantity of life.

~~No kidding! I should go in there and get on that trea...what? Oh, I got distracted again.