Sunday, November 20, 2011

Time. How It Boggles.*

Today is Mom's birthday. My Sweetie and I went out for a date night, Saturday night, and as we were cruising down the highway, I was thinking: So 73 years ago, my grandmother was a 26 year old woman with two little kids and at full burst pregnancy with mom. (I really can't picture grandma as a 26 year old person.)

By the way, I finally figured out why I never liked my grandmother. I can usually come up with things, but they never really explain how I feel. I realized after all this time that in my entire lifetime, I never heard my grandmother laugh. And she never smiled. Oh yeah there are a few photographs, but that's just for the photographer. Who doesn't laugh or smile? Ick. But enough of that.

Today is Mom's birthday. Mom was no June Cleaver. If Mom had to be described in comparison to TV people, she would have been a combination of Laura Petrie, Mary Richards, Edith Bunker and Della Street. Yeah, an unusual combination, but that's how real people are.

I really love Mom and I'm so happy she's still here. I can't believe Mom is 73. Time is a weird thing.

Mom laughs and smiles. I love that in a person. And I love my Mom.

(*I stole the word "boggles" from Jazz.)


mrwriteon said...

If your mother is a combo of the TV moms you named, you did OK. Lucky you. No wonder you love her.

Carole said...

I have only been around your mom a little, but she does has a beautiful smile! Like daughter!

I think it is sad that you never remember your grandmother smiling or laughing. Wonder why she was that way?

I'm glad you & your mom have laughter & smiles in your life!

haphazardlife said...

Well, if your mom is a mix of all those, I want to meet her!

geewits said...

~~Well, two of them were not moms. They were career gals.

~~I'm glad you got to meet Mom. Grandma was a nasty old sourpuss. I think she like playing the part of the long suffering Christian, but who knows?

~~You just gotta rent that cottage on Topsail Island the week before Memorial Day and you can meet EVERYBODY. You know you want to.