Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Silly Adult Phone Conversation

Me: Hello?
My Sweetie: Where are you?
Me: Nevada
My Sweetie: So you hopped a plane?
Me: Yeah
My Sweetie: Are you having fun?
Me: Yeah, except I just lost $140.
My Sweetie: But you got groceries for that.
Me: Yeah
My Sweetie: See you in a few minutes.
And just for funsies (and to possibly make you roll your eyes), I covered a cardboard box for Barney to sleep in and I really think he likes it:


Anonymous said...

A good chuckle then a small eyeroll.


Pearl said...

A kitty in a kitty box!


Jocelyn said...

Is that fabric you glued on to the box? If so, do you just keep that fabric lying around the house?? Hee.

geewits said...

~~Yes it is fabric. I have all sorts of crazy fabrics. The cat fabric was from a cat memorial pillow I made. I think. I had two different cat prints.