Friday, November 04, 2011

File Under: WHAT?!?

This picture is in the November 2011 issue of National Geographic:
The article is about buried warrior's gold from medieval times. The caption on the above picture states:
A figure pocked with nail holes may represent a horse - or a bear, or a boar, or even a wolf.
Really? Really? I consider National Geographic to be a smart sciencey magazine and that's what they think that gold figurine is? Really? It's a freaking seahorse! It even has a little swim fin at the bottom. Or it could be a wolf. Or a boar. Yeah, no. I'm going with seahorse.


Anonymous said...

Well, you never know, them there medieval peeps, weren't the best artists around...

OK, yep, seahorse.

Carole said...

Hmmm...I commented but it didn't show up? I'm going to try again. I had said that when I saw your picture on here, I wondered what you were going to say about seahorses. Yes, so very obvious!

Big Brother said...

I read it also and I also thought it resembled more a seahorse than a bear... hmmm did they know about seahorses in the dark ages.

geewits said...

~~Au contraire! The next sentence on the page goes on to tell about how intricate and fancy the metal work was. But, yeah, it's a seahorse.

~~A seahorse is a seahorse, of course, of course.

~~Well, England is an island and everything washes up eventually. Also fishing nets have been around for thousands of years. Way before medieval times. And all kinds of stuff comes up in a net. So probably.