Thursday, November 17, 2011

My Weird Dreams

I always have the strangest, most vivid dreams. This morning when I woke up, I was straight out of a long dream where I was a student at some sort of audio/visual school. There were all these banks of VCRs and monitors and we were all comparing our work and, of course, it all seemed perfectly normal. When I woke up I was all, "What the heck was that? An audio/visual school from 1993?" I thought it was weird that my dream self did not realize that all the equipment was so outdated.


I wonder why I have no sense of the date in my dreams. Sometimes my daughter (who is 27) will be 5 years old in a dream and my dream self doesn't even notice. Or Dad, who died in 1998, is in the dream and my dream self doesn't freak out - it all seems perfectly normal. Dreams are so odd. At least I don't get the tidal waves anymore.


Anonymous said...

I rarely remember my dreams. Except the bloody violent where I wander around with a machete chopping people into pieces; those ones wake me up.

I guess I'm better off doing such things in my dreams rather than in real life.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm. I am so glad I do not live anywhere near haphazardlife - I don't get along well with machete wielding bloggers.

As for me, all my dreams are usually non-violent except when I dream I am part of a black ant colony being attacked by red ants.

As for you, geewits, are you truly dreaming or are you time traveling?

geewits said...

~~When you wake up are your arms tired?

~~A simple explanation for your ant dream would be your fear of aggressive communism(the RED ants?).
And if I am time traveling, I am going to alternate universes. One time my daughter was 3 or 4 in a dream and was absconded by gypsies. The gypsies looked like the ones straight out of an old 70's TV show with the fancy wagon and everything.

Anonymous said...

When my wife and I split up in 1996 my stepdaughter was 16. I often dreamt about her for many years after and yet, even though I'd not seen her, she always looked age appropriate. If my dream might have been around when she was in her 20s, that was how she looked. How does that happen?

geewits said...

~~My best guess is you probably spend some time thinking about her and wondering what she is like now. "Now" being at whatever time you are thinking of her. And so your dream creates her in the now.