Friday, November 25, 2011

Friday Goofy

I took this picture Thursday night in Downtown Fort Worth
of My Sweetie in front of a painting
of what we can only figure to be Pirate Claus.


haphazardlife said...

Ok, that painting is how to put it...disturbing. Great way to scare the crap out of the kiddies.

Hi her Sweetie!

Jocelyn said...

Is that the creepy dude from The Nutcracker? And, no, I don't mean your sweetie, who is super cutie.

Something about the creepy dude from The Nutcracker always makes me think he's a big ole pedophile, and the kids need to stop dancing around in their jammies.

geewits said...

~~I think it's just funny sort of like a painting of dogs playing poker on velvet is funny.

~~That's funny. About The Nutcracker. I always just watch the dancing technique. I never really pay much attention to the characters or story.