Friday, December 02, 2011

Pictures in Pictures

One of my FB friends wanted to see my polymer cover on my porch light and so I took a picture.
After I took the picture I saw so many things in the reflection as well as the picture. It's almost like a picture puzzle.
For instance, you can see my beer in a red huggy and that's inside the house although it looks like it's sitting on bricks. The bricks are on the front porch.. You can see through my house to the backyard. You can see my neighbor's house across the street from the front of my house.
You can see the back of my mailbox out on the street.
You can see me taking the picture.
And Snoopy.

And Charlie Brown.
I was tickled that I was just taking a picture of the porch light and all these other things happened. Have fun. Let me know if you see anything else.


Anonymous said...

Neat & cool! I liked seeing ol'Chuck and Snoopy on your door.

VioletSky said...

ah,now I understand about the light cover....
I think that is a neat idea. and not OTT at all.

Jocelyn said...

I'd like to tell you I see a nice rack, but truth is, your chest is obscured.

This pic is a wonderful mosaic of random stuff you forgot to notice.

geewits said...

~~Snoopy and Charlie Brown just happen to be one of the things my husband and I had in common. He had the same stickers I had back in 1980. Weird but sweet.

~~Thanks. Does that mean "over The Top?"

~~I did see the reflection of my hanging gnome. And I will try to feature my rach later just for you.

VioletSky said...