Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Wednesday ~ House cleaning, neatening up

Thursday ~ Visit neighbor, go for MRI and drinks with daughter, grocery store

Friday ~ cooking, prepping food

Saturday ~ celebrate Christmas Eve with family, go out to play

Sunday ~ Rest

I think I have this down.


VioletSky said...

Your list looks very concise.
I am so amazed that you got an app't for an MRI so fast. Would never happen up here. You'd be waiting weeks or months.

Anonymous said...

I am surprised to see "MRI" and "drinks" together. :) Have a blessed Christmas. May all your plans work out and all the surprises be happy ones.

Anonymous said...

Already an MRI? Wow it would take forev... oh look Violet already mentioned that.

geewits said...

VioletSky and Jazz,
~~I called my doctor 11am Monday, left a message that my shoulder was the same, got a call back at 1:30 saying it would take about 72 hours to process the paperwork, then got a call at 3:00 to set up the appointment. It was very fast. I have no idea what that 72 hours was all about.

~~Really? Surprised? How long have you known me? What part is surprising?

Merry Christmas to you!

Anonymous said...

Sounds good to me except for the MRI part. Meanwhile, blessings of the season to you all.

Jocelyn said...

May your stocking be stuffed with beer, Sweet Woman. All the best to you!

geewits said...

~~Thank you!

~~Thanks! Beer, Hard cider and Patron Cafe. Whhooof!