Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Stupid Shoulder

It was weird looking at the inside of my shoulder. Some pictures make me think of steaks and pork chops and others remind me of a big slice of roast:
I made an appointment and while it's at my hand doctor's office it is with another doctor. Apparently my hand doctor is a hand doctor after all. The appointment is at 10:40 am tomorrow (Thursday). Yuck. I will have to get up very early. Anyway, I had to go pick up my MRI from the imaging place to take with me.
Not only did I get to look at all the images, but there was a detailed written report. It's looong. Apparently there is a lot more going on than the one tear. My Sweetie looked up most of the words and apparently of the four rotator cuff muscles, I have tears in three of them, as well as some other irritated and swollen things. And there were some early signs of osteoarthritis also. Yay me.
Not all of the report was horrible. There was no atrophy of something and something is intact. But those were two short sentences in a very long paragraph. Anyway, so I've been having a little pity party for myself for the last couple of hours. Having thoughts like, I won't even be able to tie my shoes! Now I'm going to make a list of things to ask and tell the doctor because nothing is more irritating than remembering something you forgot to ask. Well, maybe not being able to tie your shoes.


lgsquirrel said...

Well, I think it is okay to have a pity party as long as it ends by 12 midnight cause after that the moaning disturbs the neighbors. :)

But as you say, there is also some good news. I do hope everything works out well.

Big Brother said...

Hope it all comes out OK. :o)

mrwriteon said...

Oh, that's really beastly. I've been there, so I know how it feels. God speed in your healing process, my dear.

geewits said...

Thanks guys!

haphazardlife said...

Once they have you all fixed up, you'll see it was worth it. Well the pain wasn't worth it, but the not being able to tie your shoes for a while will be.

geewits said...

~Yeah, I just want it to be better.