Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Later Babies

When my daughter was born, I was 23 years, 3 months and 3 days old. That may seem young now, but in 1984, it didn't. My own mother was only 19 when my brother was born. I even have friends around my age that had their first child at 19 or 20. Some even younger.
The reason I brought this up was because I was looking at the cute picture of an old friend and her son on facebook and realized that she was pretty old when she had him. His age is listed as 2. She's four years younger than me. Maybe he's almost 3. Either way, she had him at age 42 or 43. That seems crazy to me. She will be 60 when she goes to his high school graduation. I can't imagine in my wildest dreams having a child that you have to house, clothe, feed and take care of up until the age of 60. I get tired just thinking about it.
My one SIL will be 58 when her youngest graduates and my other SIL will be 53. Wow. I was 41 when my daughter graduated from high school. I've basically spent my 40's going through the (distant) trials of watching my daughter mature through her 20's, while these other women will be still disciplining and raising their kids.
I'm not sure what my point is here. I guess I'm just really glad that I'm not them.


VioletSky said...

My mother was 42 when i was born.
I remember going through that acutely embarrassing stage when I would make her pick up the 'feminine hygiene' products in the drug or grocery store, then stand as far away as possible while they were at the cash register. It was years later that I realized she may not have been too thrilled to be seen buying them when she was going through menopause.

Jazz said...

I have a friend who had her kid at 38. Like you said, the very thought is tiring. He'll only be 10 when she's our age.


Jazz said...

Oh, and I love that picture of you and your daughter.

Anonymous said...

Is that really you and your daughter? It's a fabulous picture!! I had my child when I was older and I'm glad I did. I had enough time to get most of the nonsense out of my system before settling down to parenting and I think I would have been an awful parent when I was younger. And now she's pretty much grown up and I still have a little life left in me to enjoy.

geewits said...

~~I imagine she was happy that they weren't for her.

~~Yikes! A 10-year-old! At our age! I shudder with you.

~~I imagine that as a single mother, having some age and wisdom on your side is a big advantage.

And thanks, Jazz and Xup, about the picture. I should show you the other one from that day.

tattytiara said...

We've all got our own sense of normal, don't we? My mother was 40 when she had me, and I've never been able to wrap my head around what it must be like to have a mother only a couple or so decades apart in age from yourself.

geewits said...

~~I know two people who are only 15 years older than their first born and it was weird to watch them together as their child began to mature. That was TOO young. I personally can't imagine having to relate to a 15-year-old when I'm 55.

Jocelyn said...

Seems like there are trade-offs to parenting at any age: you have more physical energy when younger, but then again you have more patience and maturity when older. Personally, I'm really glad I spent my 20's traveling and doing grad school and living a bunch of places, so that now, in the Raising Kid Years, I have all that stuff as a foundation.

geewits said...

~~Your formula is working very well for you guys!

Ily said...

Cute mommy and daughter photo, and btw, I had my daughter at 30 and son at 35 and I thought THAT was late. I can't imagine having a toddler at this age and supporting him/her for the next 16 years or so! Like you I get tired just thinking about it. It's bad enough I'm going through the dating age right now (and it's not always fun!).