Saturday, July 31, 2010

Treat Your Toes - You'll Love this!

Late Wednesday afternoon I accidentally slid my foot across the deck and I got a large splinter in the ball of my right foot just below my long toe. I grabbed some tweezers and my reading glasses and was able to pull it right out. It was tender at first but I went about my business of making dinner and taking a shower and all my normal nightly things, and then at around 1:00 a.m. as I was sitting right here on the computer I noticed it was really starting to sting. That concerned me because as usual I had been drinking beer all day and I thought, If it stings this badly after this much beer, it must really be in trouble. So I grabbed one of those little plastic disposable bowls that I use when I give Barney canned food and poured some hydrogen peroxide in it. Then I put the ball of my foot in the bowl.
Oh. My. God. I have never felt anything like that. I told my daughter that it felt like teeny tiny nanite fairies were scrubbing my toenails with teeny tiny nanite fairy soft toothbrushes. It was like toenail heaven. Then I put the other foot in and wow! And after I was done both feet felt so good and happy. It was one of those experiences where your first thought is, Why did I not know about this!!?? I would have been doing that my whole life!
So get yourself a large bottle of peroxide and a container that will hold your toes and some paper towels. And don't do this over your carpet, because peroxide will bleach it. I did it in the bathroom over the tile. It was yummy and I plan to make peroxide toe soaking a regular part of my life. You have to try it. You will love it!
Who would have thought I would ever be grateful for getting a big hideous splinter? But I am.


Ily said...

Wow, sounds like a wonderful discovery! When I return from the art show tonight (and being in heels for a few hours), I must try this! Did you mix it with water or just straight peroxide?

geewits said...

~~Straight peroxide. I'm having dinner with my artist friend tonight. The one you know about.

Jazz said...

Only you would think of this. I'd have just wetted a paper towel and put it over the splinter wound.

Do I need to drink beer so it will work or can I just do wine^

geewits said...

~~You crack me up!

Mr. Jazz said...

And here I thought that Windex was the only magic cure for "everything" but now there's also peroxide. Make sure you don't soak and drive though...

XUP said...

This is actually a well-known home remedy for foot fungus and other foot-relief stuff. Only they usually dilute it with 2 parts water. You can do the same thing with vinegar if you're worried about bleaching stuff by accident. Also vinegar is cheaper.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

That sounds FABULOUS!!! I think Hydrogene Peroxide is a very underrated tool when it comes to cleanjng and healing.

Thanks for the good thoughts, my dear.

geewits said...

Mr. Jazz,
~~That would surely be beyond my skill level.

~~Maybe in Canada. A giant bottle of peroxide here is like 99¢.

~~Maybe you should soak your toes to give yourself a little unworry time.

Jocelyn said...

I am laughing at how excited you are over this--what a fun but goofy discovery...and all because you weren't wearing flip-flops.

geewits said...

~~Once you feel it, you will understand.

Carole said...

Was out of town when you posted this. I have to try this. Sounds wonderful!

Gnightgirl said...

Hm. Wonder if they sell peroxide by the gallon at the dollar store? I'll try it!

Skye said...

Geewits, reading your post made me curious what other uses for hydrogen peroxide there were. So, I came across this website that stated a couple interesting things:

1) Most of the stuff sold over-the-counter now is already diluted: 3% hydrogen peroxide and 97% water, which is probably why what you bought was a lot cheaper than what XUP thought it might be.
2) It's no longer recommended to put hydrogen peroxide on cuts or wounds, because "it also damages healthy cells that are needed for the wounds to heal and hinders them from getting to the area where the healing needs to take place." (#5 on their list)

So, while it seems to have a lot of great uses, maybe you used it wrongly the other night. I'm still gonna try the foot soak thing,'ve got me too curious :)

geewits said...

~~It's pretty cheap and you just needs enought to cover your toes.

~~I knew about that new recommendation but felt like I needed to do something fast if it was getting infected. I think peroxide is fine for the initial cleaning of a wound, I think they mostly don't want you to keep applying it.