Friday, July 02, 2010

Flags for the Fathers (and Mothers)

I bought these little 10 inch flags to give out to my Meals on Wheels people today. I wanted to perk them up so I found some red sparkly Christmas ribbon and tied it around the finial at the top. I think they look rather festive and I hope they bring a smile to the faces of my clients.
I hope all my Canadian friends had a nice Canada Day. (I forgot to wear my Canada Day t-shirt. It's getting pretty old. I think it's from 1995.)
Have a great holiday weekend!


Jazz said...

They do look quite festive. It's the Geewits touch.

Mr. Jazz said...

We had a GREAT canada day because we were OFF! Now, you have a great 4th of July.

Big Brother said...

Thanks and have yourself a great 4th of July

geewits said...

~~Thanks! I didn't realize that one of my MOW men was a vet. His wife was really tickles that I had a flag for him.

Mr. Jazz,
~~Thank you I will. We have good plans.

~~Thanks! Have a great trip!

mrwriteon said...

Had a nice Canada Day, thank you, and hope you had a wonderful 4th.