Thursday, July 22, 2010

Snippets & Snapshots (No Warm Woolen Mittens)

This post will totally work for you if you have a short attention span like I do. I am all over the place here with no specific segues. Ha ha ha! I went to my definiton store to see if I had spelled "segue" right, and look! There is an ad in the middle that asks, "Do you have ADHD?" How very freaking perfect is that?!
Well hey! I did spell it right. What was I talking about? Oh yeah that this post is about many different things. The other day I made grilled ham and cheese sandwiches and I decided to use three different cheeses to make it interesting.:
So I lined them up so the bites would be different and I thought it would be pretty when I cut them in half but. . . :

But they were very tasty!
Remember my sweet cat Barney with the sweet sad eyes that has to live outdoors because he does not comprehend peeing in the litter box? Well who knew he was a master cicada hunter? He has left cicada carcasses all over the place. They are everywhere! They are all over the back patio and there are bunches in the garage. Barney is single-handedly trying to cleanse Texas of those nasty loud creatures. Who knew?:
On a lighter note, I was in the grocery store last Friday and walked down the "seasonal" aisle. I usually don't go there but decided to take a stroll and found this awesome cute swinging gnome for $4.99 and hung him on my front porch.:

Every day when I open the front door, there he is and he makes me smile. Everyone should have some whimsy in their life. Maybe I should name him "Whimsy."
Tonight we stepped out of our comfort zone and tried a new restaurant in an area that I'm not crazy about (i.e. snotty, snobby). I really liked the place. It had great seafood, but I was taken aback by the bathroom door signs:
I couldn't decide if they were funny or icky. Speaking of icky fun, we are invited to a "Trailer Trash Bash" in August. It's a pool party at My Sweetie's boss's house. There will be all sorts of weird contests: watermelon seed spitting and beer chugging, as well as a costume contest. Yes, you are thinking what I am thinking. I will SO win that! I have some great ideas and Carole gave me some suggestions. I think it's a lock.
So this is the end of my random ramblings except to say that this is my 800th post. Time really does fly when you're having fun.


Jazz said...

The bathroom doors... Like you I'm not sure if they're funny or ewwww... Jury's out.

Mr. Jazz said...

WC doors: I can't dedcide either but I am enclined to go on the funny side as I would think that this was the intent of the person who thought of that. At any rate, it is totally original.

Cicadas of TX: watch out for the Barneyator!

Love the Gnome: at that price, it's a steal and at a laugh a day, it's already paid itself.

Sandwichwise, yeah, the visual result may not be "as expected" but hey, if it's that good, who give a Snuffleupagus

Segue: what were you saying?

geewits said...

~~Me too, Still undecided.

Mr. Jazz,
~~Ha ha! Now every time I see the gnome I say "You've already paid for yourself!"

Anonymous said...

That sandwich is kind of like the Cobb salads of sandwiches with its pretty lines of different. I'm totally jealous of your gnome. And, I know restaurants are trying hard to outdo each other with their cute and clever washroom signs, but I wish someone would get really clever and retro and put "Men" and "Women". I don't know sometimes how people, who aren't clever, can figure out where to pee. I've been in places where I wasn't even sure those were the washrooms, let alone which one was which...and I'm usually sort of clever.

geewits said...

~~It actually took me a minute to figure out what I was looking at with those bathroom signs. So you do cheese? Mixing it up adds some "oomph" to a grilled cheese sandwich.