Tuesday, July 06, 2010

My 4th of July

Our 10th wedding anniversary will be in December and I wanted to spend the night in a terrace suite at The Worthington because that's what we did after our wedding. So last week I came up with the idea go ahead and get that suite for 4th of July to watch the Fort Worth fireworks. It was a nice big suite on the 10th floor with a living room:
And bedroom:
The Worthington is located next to the giant Wells Fargo tower:

And I could see my reflection in the Wells Fargo tower:

This is me on the terrace:
Below is a "tour" I made for you from the terrace. Except when I point the camera south, I say "northeast." I meant "southeast."

Sorry the movies are a little blurry. Here are the fireworks:

It was fun!


Jazz said...

Cool! I love your southern accent...

VioletSky said...

What a great idea. There is nothing like being up high, especially for viewing things like fireworks!

yeah, love that accent...

geewits said...

~~I've always thought you had odd tastes.

~~No kidding!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

That looks like a love;y Hotel and the Building across the way is Beautiful....
I took Fireworks Video too, but didn't post it....I love being able to hear the sound of the "crackers" going off....lol!

XUP said...

You're such a madcap, spontaneous gal. What fun! (I was waiting for you to tell Jazz and Violetsky that you don't have an accent)

geewits said...

~~I imagine you can see many different ones from your balcony. I bet that was fun.

~~Ha ha! No accent. I'm madcap, not stupid.