Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Not So Little Project

For no particular reason, just as I was going to bed Tuesday night I decided that I wanted to paint one of the hallways. It seemed like a little thing, but that little hallway (maybe 15 feet long) has six doorways. SIX!
The next morning, I got the walls prepped and taped all the door frames and cut in all around the ceiling and the tops of the doors as well as the 5 little inside corners. You can see two of the little corners around the doorway at the end.
On the end where I was standing to take that picture, the hallway turns to go into the garage. So I had the two little inside corners around the garage door as well as the little inside corner between the laundry room and the master bedroom where the hallway turns.
And that step-stool down there? I spent all afternoon going up and down, up and down with little bits of paint on the end of my brush. And it's very hot here. I feel like I lost 6 pounds.
Tomorrow I will cut in around the door frames,which are taped, and the baseboards, which are not taped - but I had been planning on repainting those forever, so I don't have to be very careful. Then I will roll it all out.
Of course when I finish, I will want to paint the other hallway and it has SEVEN doors as well as the AC/heater intake vent, thermostat and smoke detector. Yeah, I think I will wait a while to get to that.


Jazz said...

While you're waiting I think you should come paint my bathroom and toilet.

Oh, and the living room needs to be done too.

XUP said...

Sometimes I get exhausted just reading about your projects. I can never get inspired to do any home reno stuff. On the other hand, I'm so happy you're blogging since no one else seems to be these days and I'm running out of things to read.

geewits said...

~~But you guys did such a good job yourselves last year!

~~That made me laugh. Thanks. I woke up slow and I needed that.

VioletSky said...

maybe your next house should be an open plan. I hate all that prep work for painting - the painting itself isn't so bad.