Monday, July 19, 2010

Coming In Waves

I was going to post about how my dinner cooking seems to work on a wave graph. I go through spells where I am so not feeling it and can't think of what to cook, but make something anyway and it's boring, and then I go through spells of sparking on all cylinders and not only being creative and making good food, but I actually enjoy the process.
As I was looking around for a picture to use, I started thinking how pretty much everything works on a wave graph except aging. Aging is pretty much a straight line.
Does anyone remember those biorhythm machines in the 70's? You'd put a quarter in and punch in your birthday and the date you wanted to know about and you got a wave chart showing you where that date fell on your personal biorhythmic cycle or something like that. Yeah, ideally it would be great to see our chart and be able to plan things accordingly. And if I were any weirder than I am I might start marking the calendar every day and then make a graph from it, but I'm not THAT weird. Or maybe I'm that weird but too lazy.
Anyway, I think most things work in waves like on the graph above. It's that whole yin yang, Newton's law of motion, black and white, good and evil thing. Even Kahlil Gibran says to know great joy you must have a well of sorrow (not his exact words). I think the whole up and down wave thing is good. But wait. If I graphed how I feel about it, it would just be a straight line.


Jazz said...

Aging is pretty much a straight line..... down

Anonymous said...

I think the iPhone might have a app for that. They have a menstrual cycle app where you punch in when you get it every month, how long it lasts, what it was like, how you felt (before during and after) and then it can give you forecasts or something on what to expect next. I'm sure they'd have no problems expanding on that (if they haven't already) to track and forecast psychological cycles. You should contact Apple and get them on it - they're always looking for new app ideas.

Ily said...

Everything I do comes in, artwork, even my mood. I used to be upbeat most of the time, but I'm a bit frustrated with my job situation these days (THREE legal jobs that haven't panned out), so I'm down on the job wave. My creativity is on the up, so that's a good thing. Thank God I haven't given much thought to aging yet.

PS - Love the Dorothy costume on the right. I had wondered how that went for you and it looks like you had fun!

geewits said...

~~Or up, depending on how you lay out your graph.

~~I don't have an iPhone.

~~Good luck with the job stuff for both of you. Halloween was wonderful!