Friday, July 16, 2010


First of all I broke some sort of project record and had my hallway back to normal in 31.5 hours. But I really had some rough moments. You know how there's that laboring/hot weather sweat and there's that other bad anxiety/tension sweat? Well I was working hard and it was hot and then I seriously thought that I was going to run out of paint. Not only that but my arthritic thumb tried to quit on me and I almost dropped the paint roller two or three times. As ambidextrous as I can be with many things, painting is not one of them. I somehow made that paint stretch out and took an etodolac for my thumb and I got it done:

The two pics above are the view from the entryway. The door at the end is the laundry room. This next view is from the laundry room looking down at the coat closet in the entryway:

I guess because of the heat and the air conditioning running full blast, the paint dried pretty quickly and that's why I was able to hang my fun posters back up right away:

I thought it was interesting that the posters had some sort of gold in them that looked good against the paint. I guess I've really been looking at my house with a critical eye since I realized that so many people will be coming to visit in October for the wedding.
The paint I used was left over from when I painted the accent wall in the living room in 2008. It looked like plenty when I opened the can, but it went SO fast. It was so close that I am not kidding, there was NO paint left. I couldn't even have painted the nail on my pinky finger.
And speaking of that accent wall, I like the view from the living room where you can see the hallway and the matching paint:
Now, Of course, I want to paint the other hallway, but I am not in a great big hurry. I have until October.


Jazz said...

I love it. That colour is great. I have a thing for yellow walls.

Lo said...

What a happy golden color! I love it!!!
AND I love YOU!!!

Mr. Jazz said...

It's sunny and warm: I love it too.

XUP said...

Seriously, you're scary. Let's review. Jazz - how long did it take you to paint your kitchen again?? Was it 31.5 hours?

XUP said...

It looks great, by the way, especially with the pick-up of the gold in the poster

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

You did that Very Very Fast! I think it is great that you can take care of so many things around your house---like this---and SOOOO Beautifully, too....
I LOVE your Posters. Are they Originals? They can cost a fortune! And even the copy's are pretty expensive. But they are so much fun ro have, aren't they? And they look so great, too!

VioletSky said...

Beautiful job!
Now don't go moving any furniture, or anything with pointy bits, down that hall.

Carole said...

Gee, I thought it was the same paint as that accent wall, but wasn't sure until you posted that picture. Looks really...really nice! You know I love that colour. Looks like a deep golden sunset to me. :D

geewits said...

~~Cool beans. I didn't really think you liked any sort of earth tones.

~~You just love it because it matches your kitchen.

Mr. Jazz,
~~Almost deserty?

~~It really was a record. My husband was so shocked. He got home from getting his hair cut and freaked out. He was all, "I was expecting to have to step over that paint bucket for a week."

~~None of the posters are originals. I've had the Wizard of Oz poster since I was a teenager, so they are only 30 years old. The Adam's Rib is a poor reproduction I ordered online about 5 or 6 years ago. You can see the fold lines from the original poster. Someone had folded it up! The original I mean. And the printers did not erase the fold lines. I have a giant Philadelphia Story in my smoking room that I never could find a frame for. I'm sure the smoke is not good for it but it will look very aged by the time I find a frame. Lastly I have a small plastic encased The Outlaw in that hall that didn't make it into the pictures. I love old movies and old movie posters and I want to get Casablanca and The Maltese Falcon for a future project.

~~Thanks for reminding me to put that corner protector back on!!!

~~You need to get up here and see my dress and my hallway!

Big Brother said...

Wow nice job. I hate painting so maybe you could come up to Montreal and paint my house. I’ll pay the beer. ;o)

Jocelyn said...

LOVE the mustard color! It looks really crisp and refined--and does justice to the posters.

Anonymous said...

I love that color yellow. Good choice.

-Scenic Route Snapshots

mrwriteon said...

Nicely done. Looks great. Very similar in hue to our hallway which was painted last year.

geewits said...

~~I believe the hours I keep would get on your nerves.

~~Thanks! It called Coronado Amber.

~~Thanks for stopping by!

~~Cool! It's also close to my best friend's kitchen color.

Free Dale Ehard said...

Who has bigger cock? Firemen or policemen? Inquiring minds want to know!!