Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Mother of the Bride Dress

I found it! Okay, yeah, it was not the dream dress that I posted about earlier, but I think it's even better.

My dream dress had that sort of falling off the shoulders thing going on and I tried on a dress like that and my bra straps were all "Hey! Look at me!" So then I actually spent several minutes thinking of ways to contain my bra straps and then the smarter part of my brain kicked in and said, "Hey!!...Hey Dummy!! You do not want to spend that day thinking about your bra straps!" And that smarter part of my brain was right.
My original dress criteria was a) sage green, b) long and c) comfortable. What I didn't have on that list was affordable. And Oh! My! this dress was on CRAZYSALE!
Oh and it's not even a dress. The top part is a tank and jacket (sold as 1 item) and the bottom is a simple easy skirt. It's all pull on, like pajamas. No zippers or buttons or snaps, oh my!
My daughter and her maid of honor really liked it, so that was that. Oh and did I mention that the top part was originally $109 and the skirt originally $59? And that I got them both for $54? I couldn't believe it! I had that in my pocket.

(pay no attention to the
Fred Flintstone foot peeking out)

Before I found my dress, we went to the bridal shop where my daughter had gone the first time with her maid of honor. She decided on the dress she originally liked but they no longer had it in her size. She grabbed her MOH's camera to show it to me and believe it or not, it was the dress in the picture that I used in the post below. She ordered it and it will come in on her birthday.

Later, we met up again. It was "Meet The Parents" night. Unfortunately, we did not get to meet the groom's dad. He has multiple sclerosis and was having a bad day. But I did get to meet the groom's mom.... e-mail me if you want to hear about it. That's all I'll say, except: I love my dress!


VioletSky said...

Lovely outfit.
Now, please do not tell everyone at the wedding how you got this on sale. MY SIL spend far too much time telling everyone about her Goodwill-bought-and-altered dress instead of just saying thank you when admirers commented on it at her daughter's wedding. Nerves, I suspect. Or pride.

geewits said...

~~I'll just say "Thank you! I was so glad to find something comfortable!" or if I get drunk I'll say, "Thanks but be careful this bad boy sheds glitter like a mofo!" ha ha

Anonymous said...

"Score!" as the kids would say. It's gorgeous and elegant and you look like someone from an afternoon soap (except for the bare feet)

Jazz said...

Oh, it's lovely, it is!!! And for that price... well SCORE!

Anonymous said...

Lookin' good, my dear. And personally I like the peeking out foot.

Carole said...

Wow! I cannot believe you found the perfect dress so quickly! If I have something in mind when I go shopping, I almost never can find it; but you had something in mind, and viola'...there you are looking beautiful in it. Perfect mother of the bride dress for you!

geewits said...

~~An afternoon soap? hee hee that cracked me up.

~~Thank you!

~~You're a little odd like that, but thanks.

~~You are always so sweet. I can't wait to show it to you.

Big Brother said...

Very beautiful and for a good prive on top of it. Definitly the fates are smiling upon you.

geewits said...

~~I thought the same thing!

Jocelyn said...

You are GORGEOUS...but how can it cost so little? You have good karma, for sure.

geewits said...

~~I've been having a good luck spell.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

That is a FABULOUS Outfit! And one would never know it isn't one dress---if you hadn't told us....! You look smasahing, my dear!

I would like to hear all about your meeting.