Tuesday, September 30, 2008

rough draft for future posts

I am tired but have much to say soon:

  • computer died
  • new computer
  • have i lost all my pictures?
  • bedroom mural thing
  • finishing at THE HOUSE
  • met Miss September 1980
  • are 90° days over?
  • why I love October
  • no San Diego
  • Thanksgiving trip
  • Carol Burnett


Jammie J. said...

No San Diego... booooo! boo hoo.

No computer? Boo again.

What the ... I think we have your weather right now. We had thunder and rain yesterday morning and something like 90 degree temperatures the last couple of days.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

This is a very interesting List! And I hope you write about each of these things.
As Jammie said above...WE are having your 90 PLUS weather--I think it was 100 degrees today...!

I HATE when the computer goes kaput! Do you have an External Hard Drive? I have had obe now for about a year..JUST because I am so afraid of loosing my pictures and some of my writing....It is a GREAT Back Up!

Now, Carol Burnett....I've known her since 1954-55....! We both were working with Kenny Welch back then, and he was writing an Act for her and one for me....and sometimes I followed her and sometimes she followed me--He worked out of his apartment and right there in his Living Room, which was also where the front door was...So, we saw each other a lot..And I have seen her on and off over the years, too! She really IS as nice as she seems! Her TV show was such a GEM!

Scarlet said...

I'm intrigued. I wonder what the Thanksgiving trip is all about and I'd love to hear more about Carol Burnett!

I hope you haven't lost all your pics, and that you get everything fixed SOON!

Urban Animal said...

I hope you haven't lost all your pictures. I have this saying on Facebook "next time I'll back up that ****ing computer", now I have it all in a neat little black box :)

I love fall weather too although my fall weather is probably nothing like you can imagine lol

Carole said...

I sure hope you didn't loose your pictures! There are ways to recover pics even if your hard drive died. My step-mother's computer died and hubby was able to retrieve all her pictures for her. We'll be glad to help if we can.

I love October too!

geewits said...

~~The golf tournament is in Orlando this year. I'm going to miss SD! I hope to go to Orlando though, one of my high school buddies just had cancer surgery on his throat and I haven't seen him since Dad's death (10 years next week).

~~Wow! Carol and Kenny. He's won almost as many emmys as Carol. She is doing her show here in January at Bass Hall. I can't wait!

~~I will have a post up later today about everything. Carole's husband is working on saving my pictures.

~~Yes, I imagine autumn there is not the same as here.

~~Thanks for all the help with the photos. I owe you guys big time.

Ian Lidster said...

Carol Burnett, eh. If I was to have a female hero, she'd qualify. She's never been anything less than magnificent at a number of levels.

xup said...

Here are the 2 I'm looking forward to: met Miss September 1980 and
are 90° days over? Maybe the Carol Burnett one, too.

geewits said...

~~And I always wonder: What is the elusive quality that makes someone so likeable?

~~Miss September was pretty funny. In an icky funny sort of way.