Saturday, September 20, 2008

Airplane Tragedy

(Photo From Wikipedia)

Travis Barker, formerly of Blink-182 and MTV's "Meet the Barkers" has been critically injured along with DJ AM in a Learjet plane crash in South Carolina. The other passenngers and crew were killed.

My Sweetie got to meet Travis Barker on the 9th as part of his business trip and had his picture taken with him. My Sweetie had told me "He was all covered in tattoos, but he was a very nice soft-spoken guy." (He also met Ozzie Osbourne on that trip and described him as "very shy until he got onstage.")

Travis's plane crashed upon take-off last night in South Carolina and he and DJ AM are in the Joseph Still Burn Center in Augusta, Georgia. That's really sad.


xup said...

Aw, geeze. Let's stop and think about all the airplane related tragedies over the last 50 years or so

Urban Animal said...

Oh that's sad. So many airplanes accidents these days...

VioletSky said...

Wish him well in his recovery. How particularly poignant after "sweetie" having just met him.

Scarlet said...

How awful. This is very sad news and I hope they make it!

geewits said...


~~One of my greatest fears is of being burned. I just shudder to think of this.

~~I would not have even known who he was if my husabdn hadn't just been telling me about him. Poor guy.

~~I guess. My biggest fear is being burnt up and living. I tell all my friends, "If I catch on fire, DO NOT put me out."