Thursday, September 18, 2008

I Thought So

David Finfrock, one of our local weather peoples, said tonight that this summer was our 5th hottest on record with 30 days of 100°+ temperatures. That's what I heard anyway. When I looked just now to check the facts: nothing. And that channel has a website. What's the point of their website if they are not going to have the stuff they said on there? So I googled "5th hottest summer DFW" and again, nothing. I demand instant gratification! Or maybe the heat has fried my brain.

By the way, the last two days have been 6° to 7° BELOW average. I even wore long pants both days. I know! I usually never wear long pants this early. I even wore tennis shoes today, but that was mostly because Barney accidentally sliced the top of my foot last night and I knew my sandals would irritate it even with a bandage. But it all worked out fine and when I went to the one MOW lady's house and her poodle jumped up on my legs, I said, "Ha! Ha! I'm wearing long pants. You can't scratch my legs today." I probably ruined his day.

I still haven't looked at my x-ray films. I will look at them tomorrow (later today I mean). It will be weird to look at my "innards." (That's a southern expression that I had to explain to a Cuban lady today.) My x-ray technician lady was very serious and did not even crack a smile the whole hour we were together. I liked the ultra-sound lady a million times better. She was fun. And I feel sorry for the ultra-sound lady because she has to work with dour x-ray tech lady. She had trouble getting a good vein but she poked "only" two holes in me. I had to stop her from trying my other arm that she had already tied up once and told her to do the back of my hand. I actually have a few small bruises from all the tourniquets. But I do bruise easily.

I couldn't believe how many pictures she took. That seems like a lot of radiation. I don't think I'll let anyone x-ray my torso again for 5 years. It would have to be something serious like if I swallowed a 3000 year old Spanish dubloon or something. I'll try not to do that in the next 5 years. The procedure is the radiologist looks at the film and sends a report to my doctor within 48 hours and if there is something, my doctor will call me. Otherwise, I just take the films with me when I go back on October 1st.

It seems to me that if there was something really wrong, the radiologist would have contacted my doctor right away and my doctor would have contacted me today (Wednesday, I mean). So I suspect I had all this anxiety, had to get up early, had to get TWO holes poked in me AND spent $83 for nothing.


Jazz said...

All this and you have no confirmation that it was the 5th hottest summer ever.


Scarlet said...

You ruined the poodle's's about time! :)

I hope you only get good news.

Thinking of you...

Urban Animal said...

I'm adding my hopes that you get only good news. Congrats on ruining the poodle's day :) It's the little things in life isn't it?

xup said...

Hey, nothing is best thing you can buy for 83 bucks in this case. I hope it really was all a waste of time and money.

Big Brother said...

Hey geewits, did you try turning off the lights and seeing if you glow in the dark. You know like a ambulatory night light. ;o)

geewits said...

~~But it was a very hot summer.

~~The poodle is not the bitey dog. I don't have him anymore. The poodle is sweet, just scratchy.

~~The way I understand it is no news is good news, but that doesn't help explain the original problem.

~~Yes, from one perspective it's good that there is nothing bad, but then what was causing the original problem? I think I'm just doomed.

Big brother,
~~I did not try that. But I did look at my films. It was weird.