Friday, September 12, 2008

Woot! Woot! The End Is Near!

Yesterday (Wednesday, I mean) Ike was supposed to meet me at The House to load up the last of the big furniture to take to an auction house. I got there at 2:20, called and got his voice mail and said something like, "I'm here! Hope to see you soon." Then I waited an hour. I did get some stuff done. I cleared all the pathways for the moving and took the trash container to the curb. When I called back at 3:20 to leave a message to reschedule, he answered. He said, "I'll be right over!" I said, "Too late, they close at 4:00." He asked why I had not called and I told him I had. Anyway I was glad to get home earlier to be there to greet My Sweetie back from his trip, so we decided to do it today. I was a little late today but he pulled up right behind me. That's Ike on the right behind the truck with the rope and his friend on the left. That's my little trucky over there. I put all the computer stuff in my truck. But there it all is, the last of the big stuff. Yay:

The auction house was a big honking warehouse with no discernible air conditioning. I was dripping and it felt like someone was pouring tablespoons of water down the back of my spine. (His site is not updated for the next auction.) He told me to check next week to see pictures of my stuff. Yeah, I don't care. I just needed it out of the house. Getting money for it will just be icing on the cake. When I left the warehouse I was tired and didn't feel like getting on the highway so I decided to take Beach St. down to 121. I passed a park called "Gateway Park" and thought, I guess that's where they sell the gateway drugs. I also saw some big fancy new church that looked like a Disneyland wild west saloon set. That was really weird. I will try to get a picture the next time I am over in that part of the world. Anyway, I was dying for an ice cold beer and stopped in at Logan's Roadhouse. I'm not crazy about the place because A) They play country music and B) Their decor is red and yellow, which is just a bad idea at any time or place. I asked for a Bud Light draft and got the tallest beer I have ever seen:

That's a regular sized Bic lighter, not one of those tiny ones that you can slip through an (I better not type that as the government might have a search engine for that sort of thing) let's just say through the really large sprawling place with the tin birdies. And doesn't that beer look cold and frosty? Well looks can be deceiving. That beer was not cold. I drank half of it and hopped across the mall parking lot to Carraba's. Ahhhh, what a lovely relief in every way. The bar stool was more comfy, the music (classic pop standards from the 40's) was SO much better, and the beer was colder. Not to mention their bread served with olive oil poured over a mash of mixed garlic and herbs. And the decor. The bartender. Okay. I think you get it:

My Sweetie called as I was on my way home to tell me that the school was closed so he didn't have a class (their AC was out in all the buildings, weird, huh?) so he would be coming home. That was a nice surprise. A bad surprise was that the chicken I had taken out of the freezer Tuesday night had still not thawed, but we figured something out:

("Thank You" is right!)
It's so nice to finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. I do not have a lot left to do to finally get that house on the market. It will definitely be a celebration and it will be soon. Woot! woot!


VioletSky said...

I was confused - I thought you were referring to Hurricane Ike.

Glad things are nearing the end re: the house. I've been down that road so can empathize.

Jazz said...

Yay you!!!

I'll miss the house posts though... All those weird people.

Carole said...

Yay! Almost done! You've worked so hard, and now you're almost finished, and just in time for the Texas State Fair! It can be like a little mini vacation. Ha! I saw your truck was gone yesterday and wondered where you were. I should have known it was "house" business.

I've been craving Chinese food so bad this past couple of weeks! Just seeing those boxes made me hungry.

In the words of Mother Abilgail on Stephen King's "The Stand", THERE'S A STORM A 'COMIN!
I guess we're in for some rain this weekend!

Scarlet said...

Like Violetsky I thought you were referring to the hurricane (living in TX and all). Then I saw his pic...and he didn't have ONE eye...but two, so then I knew. ;)

I love how you go for beer runs and describe your adventures. It almost makes me want to ditch the red wine and order me a frosty mug of the COLD stuff.

It's funny, my husband's on his way home with Chinese food...which happens to go very well with the Heineken I have in my fridge. Now I can't wait!

Have a great weekend!!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I too thought you were talking about The Hurricane...And wondered how close "IKE" The Hurrican is to yoy? I hope it is far away...cause from what I hear, it sounds pretty bad!
Congrats on getting ALL that big stugg out of the house. I know that has to be a GREAT Relief!

GREAT Picture of The Draught Beer....! That looks like a HUGE! Nut I don't have anything to compare it to since I don't drink beer.....!

Anyway...I hope you enjoyed your Chinese Dinner.....!

Jammie J. said...

Hooray, your Sweetie's home! Hooray you found a colder beer!

Also Hooray for almost being done with The House. I suppose if one Ike hadn't shown, you could've left it out in the yard for the other Ike.

Or gone for a hIke, find something you lIke. Yeah, okay, I'm being silly now.

geewits said...

~~Fortunately we are too far inland to get much from Hurricane Ike, probably just some much needed rain.

~~Once that house goes on the market, I won't miss a single thing about it except maybe having meals there with Mom.

~~I recommend China Dragon if you haven't tried them. I can't wait for the State Fair!

~~That sounds like a good meal. Carraba's has very good wines, too.

~~No worries about Ike here. That was a really tall beer. It was bigger than my head!

~~Been reading your Dr. Seuss books?

VioletSky said...

I'm gald - then again you probably wouldn't be blogging about beer and chinese food if you were on a one way highway out of town.