Monday, September 08, 2008

My Chair

That's my chair. But this post isn't really about my chair, sort of.
I found it interesting that Jeanette did a post about her husband being gone and called it "alone/lonely" time. And then at the same time, XUP did a post about cohabitation. The reason I found it interesting is because My Sweetie is out of town. It actually made me look at these posts with different eyes. I imagine if it were a regular day, my comments may have been different.
Their posts made me think about the positives and negatives. Well, that's my chair and I just figured out that I only sit in my chair when My Sweetie is here. He has the couch, I have the chair. I imagine you're thinking that usually the man has the cozy recliner/rocker chair and the woman has the couch. Well then you'd be the waitress that sets down the beer in front of My Sweetie and the gin and tonic in front of me. Meaning, no, you have it wrong.
But the odd thing is, I never sit in the chair when I'm here by myself (and the beer is for me, thank you very much). I always sit on the couch when it's just me. I don't know why. I never really thought about it until today.
The only other difference (or good thing) about being here alone is that I can watch a movie late at night with some volume. I'm very polite and turn the TV way down low after My Sweetie goes to bed. Ironically, I have yet to watch a late night movie because I spent my first two "alone/lonely" nights on the phone - the irony being that's something I could do if he were here.
And speaking of irony, my friend Carole lent me some great movies and she is one of the people I spent a night talking to on the phone. I still have Monday night (tonight) to watch a loud movie in the middle of the night, and I'll sit on the couch, not in my chair.


Jazz said...

Funny how that is eh? How you do things differently when you're alone...

Big Brother said...

Yep being alone does have its positive and negative sides. On the positive you can do what you want without bother, finish later at work without worrying about supper, you can sit on whatever chair you want though you usually end up sitting in the usual one.
The negative side...well you're alone and that in itself is the biggest bummer. There is always someone missing, the house seems empty until he/she comes home.

Scarlet said...

I do everything differently when I'm alone. I read with the big light on in the room, rather than the little one on the side of the bed. I watch chick flicks and movies my husband can't stand. I talk on the phone for hours. Enjoy your Monday night movie...full blast!! :)

Urban Animal said...

I'm a strange person... there are times when I am lonely, really lonely too but they don't seem to last too long. Maybe it's because I go out so it dissipates?

But I do understand how people in a relationship feel, I've been there too. I know how it is to have your partner gone for a while and the house to yourself and think "woohoo! I can do whatever I want!" only to miss them like crazy from the first day lol

I've lived on my own since 1990 and I guess I got used to it. I like my little place and my freedom. Yes, it would be nice to have someone but for some strange reason now I resist the idea. Sharing with the cat is enough for me :)

VioletSky said...

Enjoy your movie night. I have three chairs in my LR. I always sit on the couch and use one of the chairs for a foot rest. Unless I have someone over, then it feels weird both of us on the couch, so I try one of the chairs. Then I realize why I always sit on the couch. So it's good I live alone.

XUP said...

I don’t get to be home alone too much, but I don’t think I do things very differently when I am. Although, come to think of it, I do sit on the couch sometimes instead of my chair. Oh, and I don’t have the TV on usually when I’m alone.

Carole said...

I sure enjoyed visiting last night. I slept in nice and late this morning! :) I'll be on my own next week too. I usually try and stay busy and get odd projects done when hubby's gone. I'm thinking of resealing my kitchen floor. Sounds like fun, huh! haha

geewits said...

~~Yeah. And I forgot about parking in the middle of the driveway!

Big Brother,
~~Speaking of that, I really should clean the kitchen.

~~Except for the big light, we're on the same page. I detest overhead lights.

~~I guess since I have so much time here alone, I get the best of both worlds.

~~That's funny. I'm imagining you sitting in the chair and feeling displaced.

~~My cat insists that the TV stay on as much as possible.

~~Yes, that was a fun long chat. I had planned to do some projects but have done nothing but watch movies and talk on the phone. If you decide to seal your floor, keep Scout somewhere else and use lots of ventilation. That stuff has serious fumes.

Jammie J. said...

XUP's post was interesting, thanks for posting the link.

I think it's interesting how having someone else around affects a person's behavior. Giving up my alone time was actually a really huge factor for me when I married my husband.

One of the things that I observed about myself at that time, though, was that my depression receded when he was around. That was something I was really struggling with at that time.

Yes, I like my alone time, but I needed balance. I enjoy having him here, because we talk things out... it does get a bit hairy when I'm talking to myself, because then he can't figure out if I'm actually asking him a question or just talking to myself. (sigh) Silly man, he's supposed to know everything!

Carole said...

Thanks! I'll remember that. If I do seal the floor, hopefully it will be cool enough to open the windows. I'll probably end up like you though, and "plan" on doing it, but end up watching tv and talking on the phone too! hahaha

geewits said...

~~Your alone time is really good because he's just across town in case of emergencies.

~~Yep. heh heh

Jocelyn said...

Great musings. I, too, note weird differences when my husband is gone. I eat less well--more fried egg sandwiches.

But I make up for it with more wine.