Thursday, September 25, 2008

When Vanity Trumped Common Sense

Last May, I had a seemingly minor dilemma: haircut or not? I have naturally curly hair that is sort of like a woolen blanket as far as physical properties go. I usually make a point to have my hair long enough to wear up in the summer. Well, last May I had two June vacations coming up where I would be meeting new people and seeing old friends and I decided after much thought to go with a nice new short cut. Worst. Decision. Ever. Here I was in the 5th hottest summer on record with no way to keep my hair off my neck. My woolen blanket of hair.
Today I got a nice new haircut. My first since May. I had been trimming my bangs and cutting the sides some, and had found a way to wear it up around mid-August. So it was always up after that and looked fine. But down? It was a mullet. Today I explained all of this to Tyler and said, "Cut out the mullet and style it in such a manner that I can go a year without a haircut." May is 8 months from now and hair supposedly grows 1/2 inch per month, so my hair will be 4 inches longer in May. 4 1/2 inches longer in June. 5 in July. Sounds like a ponytail to me.
I learned a hard lesson and if I ever have another decision to make regarding comfort and vanity, I will try to remember this. At least I hope I will. I should, right?


Jazz said...

Ya won't. We never do.

geewits said...

~~Heh heh, you're probably right.

Scarlet said...

I was waiting for the pic of you and your new haircut. Can we see it??

xup said...

I've learned a lot of lessons about my hair over the years, but I seem to keep forgetting them and/or I keep letting "professionals" who have never lived with my hair, talk me into really, really stupid stuff.

geewits said...

~~I haven't "fixed" my hair yet. Basically it looks like my profile pic which was taken about a month after the last haircut.

~~I've had the same guy for maybe 28 years (+ or - 2 years). He's really good at doing exactly what I tell him. Unfortunately, I do my own nips and cuts in between visits, making his job a little tougher.

Urban Animal said...

I've been there! haircuts are NOT minor lol they can create sooooo much trouble! I also have a big mop of thick and heavy hair. I didn't want to cut it too short for the summer so I could put it in a ponytail for running. Now that fall/winter is upon us, I'm debating going a bit shorter. I have a fabulous hairdresser that gives me cuts that last and last.

And like jazz said, it's tough to remember these lessons.