Thursday, July 30, 2009

Decorating on The Cheap

Saturday I decided to wash my shower curtain. The one in my shower (a shower stall) is just clear plastic so I can look out the windows over the bathtub. I realized recently I could not see out the windows or even see the clock that hangs between them. Yeah it was that bad. Anyway, as I was pulling apart the rings, one of them broke. I hate when that happens. That happened the last time and Carole gave me a spare ring. But I was out of rings. I began to covet the shower curtain rings in My Sweetie's bathroom:

You may remember that shower curtain from a post about a year ago about cheap bathroom decorating.


Today after MOW I had another fun afternoon with my daughter and we did some shopping and I found a cool set of seashell shower curtain hooks for only $5.99:

Since I'm slightly dyslexic (beer dyslexia, I think) it took me a few minutes to figure out how to put these things on but I got it:

And speaking of cheap decorating, a few weeks ago when we went to Hobby Lobby, I bought a cool piece of paper for 59 cents (I'm too lazy to look up how to make a "cents" sign or even find out if it exists). I thought, "Hey! I'm going to take this cool piece of paper with palm trees on it and cover the light switch plate in the beach bathroom!" After I got home and looked at the switch plate, I realized that there was an outlet just 18 inches or so away from it. I knew it would look stupid to just cover the one. I've covered a light switch plate before, but not an outlet cover, so I called the expert: my neighbor Carole. She does these all the time and they are really cool looking. As you have probably guessed by now, she offered to do them both for me and they came out great!:

She really puts a lot into it and has it down to a science. In this next picture, you can see the cross-hatching:

I know! How cool is that?!? Anyway I think the point of this was inexpensive decorating. So for less than $7.00, I got the two cool switchplates and the shower curtain hooks. Oh, and I get to use those old tan shower curtain rings on my shower curtain. It's all good


Jazz said...

Wow. Those switch plates are beyond cool... she says as her little brain starts buzzing at the possibilities.

Jazz said...

Oh, and for the record it took me a while to figure out those types of shower hooks too.

Mr. Jazz said...

They do look cool. I think Jazz will be undertaking a switchplate project soon....

For the ¢ sign, if your keyboard has a number keypad you do Alt 155 and you get ¢. 59¢ looks much better than 59 cents dudnit?

XUP said...

That's paper on the switchplates? What kind of paper? My mind boggles at people like you who can find all these interesting ways to make your home perfect. I just basically shove some furniture in it so I can sit and/or have a place to eat and sleep. Then I hang up some pictures willy nilly if I happen to have some laying around. I keep everything clean and then that's about it for my home skills.

Carole said...

Gee, your new seashells shower curtain hooks are "off the hook"! See how modern my slang is! hee hee

Jazz...yeah, it made my mind buzz too, and I thought Gee picked such perfect paper for her bathroom. I use Satin Mod-Podge to glue the paper on and to coat them. You can use your own printer to print designs with regular printer paper too, but sometimes the Mod-Podge will smudge those, so then I use a coat of spray on acrylic for the first coat.

They are fun and easy to make. Thanks for showing them off Gee! You know what a kick I get out of making them! :)

Scarlet said...

I love the seashell curtain hooks. They go perfect with the rest of the bathroom...and what a great job you did with those light switch plates! WOW!

Jocelyn said...

You're so ahead of me; after seeing the plastic rings, I was going to tell you to try metal ones that, yea, hook on kind of weirdly. But you're already there--for cheap!

Even better: they tie into your bathroom's theme.

geewits said...

~~I bet you are thinking collage, right?

Mr. Jazz,
~~Yeah, I could have looked it up, but I was being lazy.

~~Also, you are a city dweller and always out and about. I spend almost 90% of my time in my house. Doing stuff like that is how I get a change of scenery.

~~You did such a great job, it was about time I showed them off. Thanks again!

~~You should see some of Carole's other ones. She really rocks those things.

~~That was lucky. I was just going to replace the ones for my shower curtain when I saw the seashells. I got those at Marshall's. I bet they would have cost $12 - $15 at BB&B.

VioletSky said...

You guys could have your own craft stall with decorated switchplates and sell them for $15 - great Xmas gifts! I've often thought about doing something similar, but I only have three switchplates and none of them are actually in the washroom.

Anonymous said...

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