Sunday, July 19, 2009

I Can't Believe I Never Thought of That!

I'm one of those "gardeners" that is loathe to chop off perfectly good blooms for the good of the plant. Yes, I know you are supposed to, but I have always had a hard time doing it. My own mother has always told me to do so and she always has the most beautiful flowers. And there's even a "Star Trek" saying regarding the one and the many that I can't think of right now and may not even apply to this.
Anyway, that one petunia above that I really, really like grows like a weed and I did have enough sense to realize that I seriously needed to start lopping it off. Suddenly I had one of those lightbulb moments and I thought, "Why not bring them indoors and put them in water?"

These pictures really do not do them justice as they are a deep rich jewel toned purple that is just lucious and I'm not even a big fan of purple. The point of this post though is that it had never occurred to me before to bring the "perfectly good blooms" inside to enjoy. For some reason, petunias just seemed like yard plants. So as usual, my brain went through that whole "Why didn't I ever think of this before?" thing, except this year it has been different.
I think everyone has those "Why didn't I ever think of this before?" moments throughout their lives but for some reason, since my last birthday, instead of thinking it like that, my brain goes, "It took me 48 years to think of that?"
Why 48? I have no idea, but that's been my thought process since April. Is it because I'm getting close to 50? Does that make me subconsciously feel like I should already know everything?

I have no idea what the 48 thing is all about, but I'm glad I came up with the idea to bring the lopped-off petunias inside to enjoy. And speaking of great ideas, Lo told me about a website for people like me. It really came in handy tonight when we went to see the new Harry Potter film. it's:


OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

LOL, LOL...Very funny Website. I saw something like this on another blog...telling you when to take the Pee Breaks...!

A Beautiful Petunia deserves to be enjoyed! How DID it take you 48 years to think of that? (lol)
Glad you did think of it, however long it took.

geewits said...

~~Like I said, they just seemed like yard plants. But I'm glad I did think of it.

Scarlet said...

Those petunias look beautiful in that glass and I love the color purple. :)

As for that site, what a riot. I'll have to pass it along, thanks!

Anonymous said...
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Jazz said...

I don't have many why didn't I think of that before moments, mainly because I just don't think of it.

Daryl said...

What fabulous flowers.. having been away at a blogfest which ironically had no wireless connectivity .. I have a lot to catch up on ..

Anonymous said...

My daughter used to bring in all the dandelions that got chopped with the hand mower cutting the lawn. We had dandelion bouquets indoors all summer.

Anonymous said...

Petunias as cut flowers? I never thought of that. Must try it.

geewits said...

~~I wish I had known about that site before!

~~Hee, hee, you crack me up.

~~I can't wait to read all about that.

~~I remember putting dandelions in a vase as a kid. I don't think they last very long.

~~Ha! And you're even older than 48!

Carole said...

Seems for the first 20 years of our lives, those were always "other people's" flowers, and we were told NOT to cut their pretty flowers, because you know kids would pull and cut and bring in flowers wherever they find them if they could.

So...we learned, and didn't cut down the flowers, and that teaching became so ingrained that we held onto it for the next 30 years of our lives.

Now...those are OUR OWN flowers and we are revisiting those ideas and teachings. Why not bring OUR beautiful flowers inside for enjoyment rather than let them wilt on the vine.

I'll be 50 in October and I'm finding all sorts of new ideas springing up in my head too. I'm always glad when I look at things anew like that.

geewits said...

~~At my first house I had some sort of bulb plants, maybe gladiolas, that I used to cut and bring in because they seemed like vase flowers, but the stuff I usually pot always just seemed like "outdoor" plants. I have no idea why. I should sneak down to your house and cut myself some gardenias!