Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My TV and Movie Wish List

There are 3 books and 1 book series that I would be ever so happy to see turned into video magic by Hollywood. I'll start with the two that have been done before. "The Count of Monte Christo" has been rendered as both theatrical and TV movies and also as a TV miniseries. Well guess what? All of them fell short. Oh that last theatrical release was decent, but let's face it, you can't pack a story that big into 131 mintues. I want to see this done as a 12 part TV series. Unfortunately Hollywood doesn't seem to like to do one-shot series production even though the Brits have been doing it for years. I had hoped that the great success of "Band of Brothers" which they ran in 10 parts would have opened some eyes. And I wish they would do the same for Stephen King's "The Stand." The 1994 TV mini-series did a decent job, but again with time constraints as well as cost, it fell short. I realize that the costs of showing NYC, as well as all the major highways completely shut down would have been prohibitive in the past, but with today's CGI, it could be done well and at a tolerable cost.
Speaking of CGI, Piers Anthony's Xanth series is long overdue. Because there are 27 of these books and it is an open ended series, this could run for two or three years. We currently have the CGI to create all of the wonderful creatures from these books. And I want to see them! I imagine this show would be the new watercooler show of this century. So Hollywood, please do this and do it right! And right soon.

Last but not least, for my big theatrical release move, I want to see Theodore Sturgeon's "The Dreaming Jewels." When I first read this in the early 80's, I thought, "What a great movie this would be and George Lucas could pull it off." With the CGI we have now, any good director could pull it off, but because of the dark and creepy nature, I'm thinking maybe Tim Burton should do this one. Or Jonathan Demme.
So Hollywood, please do these things for me and quit making movie versions of 70's TV shows. Your bank accounts will thank you. As will I.


Jazz said...

God how I love the Xanth series...

XUP said...

Boy, you have some faith in Hollywood. There's a reason why they just keep doing 70s TV remakes you know -- no imagination, no creativity. I can't remember the last time I saw a movie and thought "Damn, that was good! I'm so glad I spent $15 and 2 hours of my life on that." Seriously. I think it was 1978 maybe.

ticknart said...

I second your wish for a 12-part miniseries of The Count of Monte Cristo, but then I think that most great books need a long, well-thought out, miniseries.

Me, I'd like to see Dune made as a mini and be really, really good. Just imagine what David Lynch could do if he'd had 6 (or so) hours to fill and all the modern tricks. Glorious.

Also, Xanth would be a spectacular TV show. It wouldn't even have to slavishly follow the books' plots because there's just so much to that world new characters could run into. Just don't make the main characters super powerful, please.

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

I agree. Also another movie on Buffy the Vampire slayer with Joss Whedon at the wheel would not be amiss.

Adam Morgan said...

Call me uncultured: I'm not familiar with Sturgeon or Anthony. But I completely agree with your Dumas and King picks! All Dumas' work would make for great miniseries, along with both The Stand and The Dark Tower. JJ Abrams is rumored to be prepping a Dark Tower film franchise with Lost-vet Damon Lindeloff, so fingers crossed.

Have you heard about AMC's reimagined The Prisoner miniseries? It actually looks promising. The only "quality" miniseries I've ever seen was BoB.

Big Brother said...

Why doesn't it surprise me that you love the Xanth series, I think what I liked the most were the puns and word games, but I'm strange like that.

mrwriteon said...

I would like to see a genuinely thoughtful and well-done version of Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, not the inferior one they foisted on us a few years ago. Tim Burton would be brilliant with that, too.

geewits said...

~~I guess that means you would watch it?

~~That's too bad. Maybe I'm just easy to please, but I have seen lots of great movies since then. You should watch the Lord of The Rings trilogy. And...

~~I'm with you except the main characters' "superpowerful" part. I mean, the basic premise is that everyone is born with a talent. If they stay true to the books, it's all good, right?

~~I actually think Buffy is good at resting. But then I have all of it on DVD. Now I have "I'm under your spell" in my head!

~~Thanks for your input. My husband introduced me to "The Prisoner" and we have it on DVD. I would LOVE to see a new version. Thanks for the info. But don't call BoB a miniseries. I like to think of it as an actual series.

~~I love word games and imaginary stuff, but I think what I loved was how he took almost every creature from every culture's mythology and fit them in. Or something like that.

~~Yes, that would be good, but maybe Lindeloff for that one?

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