Saturday, July 11, 2009

I'm Getting Too Old For My Crazy

I may have mentioned before that every Friday night we watch the week's worth of "Jeopardy!" although I may have forgotten the exclamation point in the past. But it is part of the title. Anyway I was just starting to slice up my beef fajita quesadillas for our dinner when I heard insanely loud cat screams from the garage. I yelled out a few very loud expletives and ran screaming into the garage. I didn't even see the asshole cat from next door although I know it was him, I just saw poor Barney run under the car. Meanwhile, My Sweetie was in here on this computer. He did not hear the cats, but he certainly heard me. So he came running behind me. I told him what was going on and he did a body check on Barney to make sure he was okay. I closed the side door to the garage and came back inside to finish plating the food. (And maybe "plating" is not a real verb, but they use it on the Food Network.)
We sat down to eat and watch "Jeopardy!" and I was HOT. And by hot I mean getting a lot of answers that no one else could get. I may have told you before but our ritual here is that if you answer correctly and none of the contestants get the answer, you yell "AND ONE!" It's a basketball term in case you do not follow sports. What I may not have mentioned is that I also run around and do a crazy end zone dance (which is a football term if you do not follow sports) when I get one. I started to think that the crazy adrenaline rush with the cat fight had somehow stimulated my brain.
We pause the show a lot to do various things and I was clearing the dinner plates and realized my right shoulder was REALLY sore. I figured I must have done something crazy when I ran screaming into the garage. I rubbed some ActiveOn on my shoulder and we started the show again. The next time I had an "AND ONE!" I jumped up and threw my arms up, yelled "OUCH!" and realized that's how I must have disfrinagled something in my shoulder to begin with. I guess I'm getting too old for my crazy. But I doubt it will stop me.


Daryl said...

OUCH ...

Faye: I'll take Advice for $100, Alex

Daryl Says...


Alex: Yes, Faye?

Faye: What is: ''take 2 ibuprofen and try shouting w/o punching for emphasis for a day or two''?

Daryl said...

AND ONE!!!!!!

Scarlet said...

You will never outgrow your crazy, at least I hope not!

I've never heard the "And one!" but I plan to use it. My hubby's such a sports fanatic, he'll get it if no one else does!

Take care of yourself (careful with those crazy dance moves) and take care of Barney!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

That sounds quite Painful! So glad to hear poor Barney was not hurt...!
I never watch JEOPARDY because it makes me feel very!
But I know gobs and gobs of people who are totally addicted to it!

XUP said...

We get double points when we get an answer nobody else got. We try to deport ourselves throughout the program in a manner that would not shame an actual contestant. Remember in the old days, Jeopardy! contestants were never allowed to look excited or happy when they won? I think it may have been a rule -- they had to stay deadpan throughout

Jazz said...

You'll nevah be too old for your crazy.

geewits said...

~~Sounds good. I did make the mistake of throwing something once, but I remembered pretty quickly.

~~You're probably right. I think I'll always be this goofy.

~~But if you don't watch it, you also can't learn stuff.

~~They are still pretty sedate. Giving yourself double points is an "and one." You're giving yourself a point and one.

~~Yes, I will be the delight of the old folks home some day.

mrwriteon said...

As a compulsive Jeopardy watcher I must remember the And One! thing. Cool. I especially like it when it happens on Final Jeopardy. Sorry about the shoulder.

geewits said...

~~Yes, beating the contestants at Final Jeopardy is really sweet!

XUP said...

Oh! How 'bout that?