Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I'll Always Wonder What Was in the E-mail

Overheard in a bathroom stall:
1st Lady: I told you about my husband Mike, right?
2nd Lady: Your husband died?
1st Lady: No. I asked if I told you.
2nd Lady: What about her?
1st Lady: Him.
2nd Lady: I meant, what about him?
1st Lady: He saw the e-mail my aunt sent, so now we have to have a long talk.

I was through washing my hands at this point and had to leave but I did see one come out and she was quite old, so maybe that explains some of it.


OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

LOL, LOL....Indeed, we old ladies don't know half of what we are hearing or saying!

Jazz said...

Sometimes you really have to wonder about bathroom conversations.

XUP said...

I like it when people talk on their cell phones while on a public toilet. It makes me want to make rude noises in the next stall.

Scarlet said...

I'm still trying to figure out why the 2nd lady asked if her husband died. What's up with that??

Michael said...

I'm guessing that with bathroom acoustics, "husband Mike" may have sounded like "husband died". But that makes me feel bad for any lavatory conversations my wife may have.

geewits said...

~~Thanks for laughing and not feeling insulted. Anyway, you are very young at heart!

~~Yes, and that one raises so many questions.

~~Just yell, "You can put your clothes back on!"

~~That really conflabbered me. They were having lunch. And she asked in such a mellow way.

~~She doesn't call you "Totally Awesome Groom" in real life?