Thursday, March 26, 2009

I Guess I Need To Sing

Well you know they say "Don't count your chickens 'til you cross the bridge." But I just neatly put away my cold weather housepants and cleaned out and closed up the fireplace on Monday, and this big cold front rolls in today. The high today (Wednesday), and that was around noon, was 62°. Then it went down from there. That may not sound cold to you guys but our LOW has been around 66°. And it's supposed to get colder. These are the clouds I saw today when I stopped for lunch. They were much prettier "live.":

Later today (Thursday) or on Friday there is supposed to be a blizzard in the Texas panhandle. I know! You never hear the word blizzard here. Well, you do on the national news, but not about any place in Texas. They said there would be wind up to 50 mph with an accumulation of about a foot. My question is, with 50 mph winds, how does the snow accumulate? Does it accumulate 50 miles away? If the wind is that strong, how does the snow ever reach the ground? I shouldn't have dropped that Earth Science class. The panhandle of Texas is not anywhere near me, but it's in Texas, which means if it happens, that's all that will be on the news, so if Jennifer Aniston elopes with Mick Jagger, somebody should send me an e-mail.
When I got to the church today (back to Wednesday) to pick up the MOW food, I realized that I had forgotten Second Pee. I went into the church bathroom and as usual, I was taken aback. Although I've been picking up food at that church for 8 years, I've only used the bathroom about 4 or 5 times. And the decor probably looked good for about 5 minutes in 1982, but oooof! So I'm washing my hands and looking at these things hanging on the wall and I thought, "Oh man, that is just god-awful!" Then simultaneously I laughed and felt guilty. It seemed a weird thought to have in a church.
When I first walked into the church, my heart sank. A year or two ago some substitute driver had taken my route instead of the route they were supposed to sub for. That meant I had to drive a strange route and mapsco every single house. I saw just one route sheet there and it was very short so I knew it wasn't my route, which has been long for quite some time. But I picked it up and it said "Route 4." So either a bunch of people all had doctor appointments on the same day, or MOW has changed up the routes again. It was nice. I had 9 people, with two doubles, so only 7 stops. I broke my own record and left the last house at 12:11. My record was 12:15. And that was a LONG time ago.
I started on my screenplay late, late Monday night. I'm writing a sequel to a 1983 movie set in real time so it's 26 years later. I've written some scenes and dialogue but I'm doing it backwards because I haven't read Screenwriting for Dummies yet. And yes that's an actual book that I actually have and have actually not yet read. I'm just doing it for fun. I should read the book so I won't have to go back and change so much stuff. It's probably a silly hobby but it's no worse than doing a needlepoint that says something goofy like "I lived, I loved, I laughed." Wait that's not goofy. That's my epitaph. But I don't needlepoint.
As for this comeback winter thing, it's sort of annoying but at least I won't have to shave my legs for a few days. And you know what they say, "Winter ain't over 'til the fat lady sings."


Carole said...

Gee, you sure captured some beautiful clouds with those pictures!

I'm glad to hear that the panhandle is going to have a blizzard, because now my little niece will get a chance to wear the hat I made for her. I was late making it, but I knew there was yet another snow storm or two in store for Amarillo.

A screenplay huh! How exciting! I can't wait to hear more about it. And who better to write a screenplay than someone who lives, loves, and laughs?!

kat said...

!!!!!!! Those are the most amazing clouds !!!!!!

kat said...

and you do cartoons, cool.

ticknart said...

I find it hard to believe that the clouds were prettier in person, but I'll take your word for it.

And don't bother reading Screenwriting for Dummies until your finished with the first draft or you get really stuck. It'll just confuse you with all the layout crap and the "movie/TV show structure" stuff.

Jazz said...

You're writing a screenplay? A second screenplay. I think it's a cool hobby myself.

And the snow? It falls, it stays, maybe because actually it starts falling 50 miles away an hour earlier... Or something. But the damn stuff does make it to the ground to my everlasting chagrin.

Jazz said...

Oh, and for the record: I'd rather they get it than me.

Scarlet said...

I started reading Sid Field's "Screenplay" a while back(which was recommended by a cinematography college professor YEARS AGO...but apparently it's still a great book). I never got far with it...but I would love to see what you come up with (since you are so creative).

"I lived, love, laughed and created some pretty good sh*t..." I'd be happy with that on my epitaph.

Scarlet said...

Btw, your cloud photos are awesome, especially that second one. They don't even look real!

Anonymous said...

The clouds really are amazing. And I wish it was 62 degrees --we'd be dancing in the streets in shorts and tank tops. I don't understand how it snows with temps like that, though?? And snow accumulates in 50mph winds by piling up against trees and buildings and other stuff that break the wind

geewits said...

~~It's a shame you didn't see the clouds. They looked like draped silk.

~~Thanks! And thanks for dropping by.

~~Thanks for that advice. I'll just keep doing what I'm doing.

~~No, it's my first screenplay. It's a sequel to a big 1983 movie.

~~Maybe it will end up as a novelty gift for friends - then you could have your own copy!

~~It was 62° here not in the panhandle where they all predicting the blizzard. I do not live near the panhandle of Texas.