Tuesday, March 03, 2009

In The Bar 2

It's bad enough that I'm semi dylsexic, but all this going back and forth and formatting between Mac and PC is getting my brain all confusilated!
I feel like I've been doing this for two hours now. I wish I could remember what I did Saturday night!


Jazz said...

Confusilated! I love it.

And I love the comics.

Mr. Jazz said...

Your comics are hilarious: bring 'em on!

ticknart said...

You may not like going back and forth, but I sure am enjoying the comics.

Jocelyn said...

There's a guy like that at my gym. I call him The Blowhard.

VioletSky said...

Blogger wouldn't let me comment, or even upload yesterday.

I think confusilated will replace my other favourite word: discombibulated. (and yes, I know that is wrong)

These are funny and have definitely stood the test of time.

Scarlet said...

These comics are a riot! The woman in the strip reminds me of one of my girl friends...so that makes it even funnier!

geewits said...

~~You're just too nice. Are you purposely trying to confusilate me?

Mr. Jazz,

~~Wow! Big kudos coming from a comics expert.

~~Yes, all of these guys are based on actual types. I'm sorry he's at your gym.

~~Thanks for the "test of time" comment. One of them has prices in it and I do not have the font, so I guess I'll run it "as is" when I get to it.

~~That's funny that this clip art lady reminds you of one of your friends. I'm glad you're enjoying them.