Sunday, March 29, 2009

I HAD To Make One!

How Most Days Start


Jazz said...

So... who was on Ellen? How is Barney? We need another movie to answer all the questions raised!!!!

Scarlet said...

Wow! I couldn't see the whole video, but I'll be back and when I return, I'll have a glass of red to help me relax. Sounds like a lot of unanswered questions!

Violet said...

So many questions.
No wonder you need a beer now and then!

geewits said...

~~That's my normal day. Ellen either has someone good or not and Barney's always fine.

~~My brain works in questions.

~~Or maybe all the beer drinking causes all the questions?

Big Brother said...

Where's the beer... so many questions so few answers... Give me my Guiness. ;o)

geewits said...

Big Brother,
~~Just picture the beer sitting on that little table. The program is not advanced enough for me to put one there.

Ian Lidster said...

What wonderful fun. I must try this. And what did you have for lunch?

XUP said...

Ha ha - another xtranormal addict is born!!

geewits said...

~~That represents nearly every day, not any particular day. I have weird lunches anyway.

~~It was fun but more work than I had imagined. I'm very lazy.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

There is some NEW program or something that people are using to upload Videos and I am unable to see anything on your blog but a BIG empty space and a little Icon in the upper left hand corner NOT an "X"....If it is on YouTube, I can see it...otherwise....I cannot.
I sure wish I knew what the program is cause I would download it if I knew. Grrrrrrr. Very Very Frustrating!

ticknart said...

I was out the first two work days of this week, so it's unfair to say I missed this.

Still, it reminds me of the days I don't come to work.

geewits said...

~~I didn't download anything. I bet Jammie J could fgix you up!

~~LOL! I knew we were a lot alike.