Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Bar Joke 3

My brain has finally started processing information. I went on the old Mac today and was opening the old bar jokes to save them in a better format and realized they were originally done in Aldus Freehand, which is such an old illustrating software it's not even on Wikipedia. Oops, my bad! Anyway I finally looked at a window when I was opening one (I've mentioned many times how lazy I am) and it said something about "converting Aldus Freehand." So that's how I figured that out. Also, one of my problems is forgetting that when you go from Mac to pc you gotta tell everyone what sort of file it is. You have to actually type ".jpg" or ".tif" so a pc knows what the hell to do. Okay, I know this is boring the hell out of everyone so...
This is for VioletSky who commented on the last one that my comics "have definitely stood the test of time." Well, one of them had prices on it from 12 years ago. I hope all this exposition doesn't spoil the joke:


VioletSky said...

It is interesting to see how much one was willing to pay for a drink 12 years ago! Still very funny and timely. Actually...I think it makes it even funnier, how cheap he appears!!

...and actually that bit about having to tell mac & pc exactly what every file is wasn't boring. I was thinking of getting a mac laptop, but maybe won't. I'm also lazy when it comes to opening/reading windows and stuff (like instructions).

Jazz said...

Geewits, this is hilarious. The punchline ls brilliant.

Carole said...

I found your explanation interesting, but then again...I actually enjoy figuring out and fixing odd problems on my computer.

All of your funnies are so funny!

Ian Lidster said...

I'm with Jazz, brilliant!

XUP said...

Are we somehow getting billed for accessing these comics? Because that sometimes happens when you're innocently enjoying stuff on the interwebby

Scarlet said...

To be single again...and be able to use your punch lines. lol

Love this one!

geewits said...

~~Don't go by what I'm doing here. My Mac is OLD. I'm sure modern Macs are a lot easier when it comes to sharing files and whatnot.

~~I think you just have the winter crazies.

~~Well I guess troubleshooting is sort of fun once you find the problems, but sheesh!


~~You did something innocently?

~~Yeah, but I don't miss those days.