Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Long and Winding Post

On People Worse Than You: If you ever feel like you are a bit slow getting around to things or are one of those people that takes down their Christmas decorations on Valentine's Day, this will make you feel better:
Yes, that's a spiderweb Halloween light decoration on a house. I took that picture TODAY. Oh, it's after midnight so I guess I took it yesterday, but, still!
On Collard Greens: I can't remember if I told you guys that I read about a fancy southern-style restaurant called Buttons that has collards. Well we went there Monday night because My Sweetie is on Spring Break. Because of his classes we can't eat out during the week and I hate crowds so we saved it. By the way, if you click the link you will love the song that plays. I promise.
So this is me dancing with the statues outside of the restaurant:

This is my plate. As you can see I have TWO sides of collards:

This was what My Sweetie ordered. It's called Shrimp, Fish and Grits:

Yeah, I thought it was scary looking too.
On Being a Smartass: Today after lunch I was sitting at the bar at Italianni's when a salesman came in to meet with the owner. I'm wearing a Duke girly T-shirt that says "Duke Girls..." on the front and "...The Best in The World!" along with a Duke logo on back. Also my Duke purse with my Duke cell phone holder thing is sitting next to me:
The salesman says, "I take it you're a Duke fan?" I looked surprised and responded, "Oh it's my socks right?" I looked at my ankles (I was wearing shorts and tennis shoes) and then exclaimed, "Oh wait!! I didn't wear my Duke socks today."
And Now, Because I am Curious: Do you pronounce "syrup" as SEAR-up or SIR-up? And do you pronounce "culinary" as QUEUE-linary (That's CUE for some of you) or CULL-inary?


Scarlet said...

Ha! I love your comment about the socks!

You look good dancing around with the statues. What a fun shot of you!

As for the way I pronounce the two words, sir-up and cull-inary. You just reminded me of a story...

When my daughter was 2 she kept saying "monkey see-up" every day for three days and I had no idea what she wanted until one morning I brought out the maple syrup and she screamed and pointed, "monkey see-up, monkey see-up!"

Man, I miss those stay-at-home days with my little girl. :(

Mr. Jazz said...
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Mr. Jazz said...

You are the queen of smartass-ism! How did the salesman react? As for syrup, in Kweebeck, it is pronounced "sea-rup" but you can also hear the other version in "certain" areas. Cull is the norm for culinary. Never heard the other version, even in the above mentioned areas. I used to have a british colleague who always had us laughing whenever she talked about a "garage" which she pronounced as Garr-awe-j (Garr as in Garry). Even funnier was when she referred to crisps rather than chips (chips are fries in the UK).

Jocelyn said...

But, wait: which one is the YOU and which ones are statues? I'm all confuzzed.

VioletSky said...

On that menu they serve "hand battered season fried chicken and Belgian waffles with cinnamon infused butter and collard greens"?? That has to be the most unusual comination I've ever seen. (There was another word I wanted to use, but thought maybe you actually like this combo)

It's a good thing I don't live in Kwee-beck,(also Kew-beck)I could never unlearn the proper pronunciation if SIR-up.
Also never heard of the other for cuinary.

geewits said...

~~Do you guys stil call it "Monkey See-up?" When Katie was a toddler we drove from Texas to North Carolina and I made a big deal about crossing the Mississippi River and she pronounced it Hib-ah-zib-ee. We still call it that sometimes.

Mr. Jazz,
~~I LOVE the way the Brits pronounce "garage." We call ours the "gah-RAHJE" quite often just for fun.

~~I forget! We had just snapped a regular pic and a man standing there smoking said, "You forgot to kick your leg back." So I did and we took that one.

~~Cicken and waffles is supposed to be some common souther food and some place in L.A. is very famous for it, but it's not a North Carolina or Texas thing, so I had never come across it before. My husband said he is going to get that next time. I was starting to think I just pronounce "culinary" wrong but the Merriam-Websters online dictionary shows "kyu" as the second pronunciation.

VioletSky said...

I hate when I make typos in comments ... and I see I made quite a few in mine above!!

Anonymous said...

SIR-up and CULL-inary and mmmmboy that southern food looks messy but good.

Jammie J. said...

I don't believe I've ever had collards. Do you think they'd be good with kidney beans in them?

I'm a sirup and cullinary kind of girl.

Jazz said...

Actually, I think the collard greens look scariest.

Oh and it's SIR and CULL

Carole said...

I clicked on the link, and you're right, I love that song!

Great pic of you with the statues! VERY Cute!

So... you never said if the food at Buttons was actually good or not? Either way, looks like you had a fun time.

SIR-up & CULL-inary
PUH-cons - not PEA-Cans (Pecans)
And depending upon different items, I use both the pronunciations of CAR-mel & CARE-A-Mel. I use CAR-mel most often like Carmel apples for example.

Scarlet said...

LOL - How do you get that from Mississippi River?? That's funny! Yes, we STILL call it Monkey See-Up and we still call bulldozers..."bullduhduhduh" (because of my son). :)

geewits said...

~~Welcome to the crowd. Cicken?

~~What? What? There was meat involved.

~~You should try collards.

~~So you and your husband pronounce syrup diferently?

~~The food was good. Yeah I'm puh-CAHNS although I grew up with PEA-cans. But then I also grew up with AINT for AUNT (Like Aint Bee from the Andy Griffith Show). It took me a while to be able to say "Aunt Ann."