Thursday, March 05, 2009

Highs and Lows?

I constantly amaze myself. I didn't have a particularly good day, but I felt perfectly fine and in a pretty good mood when My Sweetie got home and asked how my day was. And even though I was majorly stressed at 4:30 with millions of racing thoughts about "what to do!? what to do!?" that had all passed and I simply said, "Oh, it had its highs and lows." He then asked, "What were some highs?" And I was speechless. I couldn't think of anything really good, so I sort of stammered, 'Well, uhm, I finally got the last piece of cloth I need to make the cat pillow."
My day started a tad late, but not too late. I was about 5 minutes later than usual getting to the church to pick up the food. But there was a new sheet there. A sign-in sheet that had three sections. One for my signature, one for my route and one for the time I left the church. And there was a note on there that said, "Remember the food arrives at 10:30." I was all "Really? since when? No one told me!" I've probably been there 3 dozen times at 11:00 and had to wait 10 or 15 minutes for the food to arrive, so I always get there about 11:15 to 11:20. I saw on the sheet that two people had signed their time as 10:40, which made me think that the food must really get there now at 10:30. I felt like an errant child that had been caught at something. It wasn't a good start to my day.
Then I caught the damn train:
Since I already felt LATE, catching the train just made me more tense. Everything went fine from there until I got to one house and got no response. I followed procedure, which ends with calling into MOW, and they said they had called in the cancellation to the church, so being the honest knucklehead that I am, I just blurted out, "Oh! Okay! I was freaked out by the sign-in sheet and didn't even look at the cancellation sheet. My bad!"
Then I got a text from my daughter asking if we could have another goofy game afternoon and I said, "Sure, I'll call when my errands are done." After lunch I returned the printer cable I didn't need to Best Buy and then went to the fabric store. I called my daughter and she was on the other side of town. I was all, "I thought we were going to play games!" and she said "How about in two hours?" UHm, no. That would have been 5:30. I was pretty disappointed because we had so much fun last time and I had been really looking forward to it.
So I grabbed a beer at Logan's and got two side salads to add to the dinner I was going to make (I'm addicted to their house dressing) and came home. I got home around 4:30 and saw I had a message on my home phone from my special MOW lady and the message had come in at 12:26. It was a very long distraught message about water all over her bathroom floor and she hadn't been upstairs in 4 days and had no idea how long it had been leaking, etc, etc,. So here it is, prime rush hour time, her house is 15 miles away, and I'm trying to come up with some good ideas and sort of panicing, but when I called her, she had already called her Thursday MOW guy and he had come and turned off the water and put towels down.
And it was the toilet valve that was leaking. I had also been freaked out because that was one of her bathrooms that I had replaced a faucet, so I had worried it was something I had done, but I have not touched that toilet. (I had worked on her toilet downstairs.) Anyway her Thursday MOW guy will be there later today and he is going to help her out and if she needs me she can call me.
So when he asked, "What were the highs?" I really couldn't think of anything. But I did finish my crossword puzzle in 30 minutes with only 7 writeovers (I use a pen).


VioletSky said...

So MOW is a multi-disciplinary job?
I hate it when the rituals of work change without you noticing. I have the same issue with the newspapers that I realize now seem to be arriving 30-45 minutes earlier than they were a few months ago (which means I could have been home and sleeping by now.

Jazz said...

I don't think I've finished a crossword puzzle in my life. Ever.

XUP said...

The best answer to "what were the highs" would surely have been: "when you came home sweetie!"

Scarlet said...

I hate it when I have exciting plans and they fall through. I hope you and your daughter get to hang out again soon!

You make crossword puzzles sound fun...but when I do them, they're a scribbly mess! (I cheat a lot, too!)

geewits said...

~~Yeah, I guess it just feels odd to be "policed" after all these years. I mean we're volunteers. What? Are they gonna fire us?

~~That's only because you have more interesting things to do.

~~I've used that one a lot, but he meant my "day out."

~~It's pretty hard to cheat when you're sitting in a bar, but to be honest I have texted my husband a few times for author's or sports figure's names.