Friday, March 27, 2009

Tenacity and Timing

I've been using my Duke purse (the one pictured four posts back) as my everyday purse for several years now. I bought it in April 2004 and it was starting to show some wear so I had decided to retire it after basketball season. But I hate shopping. And I hate shopping for a purse almost as much as I hate shopping for shoes.


I get e-mails from Macy's every day. They are an excitable bunch because almost every day is the "LAST DAY TO..." something. If they were to find out first that a meteor was going to demolish the earth tomorrow and they try to tell people, no one will believe them, because it's always the last day to them. Well they had a purse sale and I click over there and just like when I look at the furniture store ads in the Sunday newspaper, I was all, "Gross! Yuck! Yuck! Eww!"


I started thinking "Why can't I find a cute tapestry purse like the one I bought in Sand Diego in 2006?" That's this one:
I love that purse but it is too small for daily use and I think of it as my "travel purse" or "event purse." And I could hardly run over to Horton Plaza in San Diego to see if they had something like it but larger. I went over to Yahoo shopping and typed in "tapestry purse" and by golly some really heinous pics came up. Like this:
And this:
Yeah, ouch, my eyes hurt. I hope you weren't eating. Well being the tenacious type, I kept looking, googling all sorts of things, and saw the name "Danny K." Well I recognized that as being the name of the little purse from San Diego. I found
their site and it was really cool! You pick out the shape and size you want and then you pick out a material and they put it together for you. And for all that it's really not very expensive. And my new purse just got here about an hour ago:

I LOVE it! It will go with everything I own and the size is just right. And the very sad irony is not lost on me that it came today. Duke lost their tournament game last night thus ending their season. And the purse came today.


XUP said...

I want that pink one with the red tassle. Then I'll find a pink tattered nightgown, some gold stilleto heels, smear lipstick all over my mouth and go out on the town until they pick me up and take me to a nice rest home.

Jammie J. said...

That is a very lovely purse, I must say. :) How fun that you were able to put it together online!

geewits said...

~~Yeah, no kidding. Whut?

~~I thought it was fun and I really like it!

Carole said...

Very cute new purse! You did a great job of designing it.

I also really like your old tapestry purse. I use to have an old tapestry purse too. :)

Jazz said...

Cool purse. That pink monstrosity however, boggles the mind.

Violet said...

How cool is that?! Now no one can ever say they have one just like it. Love the colours you chose as well.

geewits said...

~~You didn't secretly like the pink one did you?

~~I almost think the horse one is worse.

~~Well I've only gone out once since I got it and it matched that outfit, but I really think the colors will go with almost everything I wear.

Kimberly said...

I'd take a new bag over a winning team any day - yep, I'm selfish that way.