Tuesday, March 17, 2009

From a Martian Moon to Manhattan


Lately for some reason I've been using the internet like someone with an actual brain. I've mentioned that every night (like a demented addict) I look at the astronomy picture of the day on the NASA website. The descriptions always have a bunch of links and last night I clicked on the link Kepler's prediction and that made me want to look up Jonathan Swift and then I started reading about the English king of his time and then I started reading about all the kings and queens that followed and so I was learning all this history that may come in handy when I watch "Jeopardy" on TV.
I also like to do internet sleuthing. I like to see a picture or skyline in a movie or TV commercial and try to find out what the city is. There was a commercial on tonight and I tried to do that and while checking to see if it was some odd angle out of Central Park, I found this New York city real estate site. I've been having a blast looking at these apartments. One is even as "cheap" as $530,000.

For just under $9 million, this could be yours!
(and that's just an apartment inside)

Going to back to all that history I was reading about, I didn't realize there were so many wars. I mostly know of 20th century wars and a few old British ones like The War of the Roses but that was just the tip of the iceberg. Have you ever heard of The Second Anglo-Dutch War or The War of the Spanish Succession? And there are a lot more. Some of them had better names like War of the Quadruple Alliance, but I guess with so many wars they couldn't come up with fun names for all of them. And they were always warring about everything. My guess is the English grew tired of all those wars and that's why they became so polite. See, I'm learning a lot on the internet. Like someone with an actual brain.


Jammie J. said...

We humans, we're an unpeaceful lot, aren't we? Always warring about something, I guess.

I love the 'net for sleuthing. One can find so much information these days without ever leaving our house.

When I turn on my computer to get on the Internet, I have to make a list of the things I need to get done, like pay bills, for example. And then stick to my list. Because otherwise I'll find myself off in the 1920's looking at genealogy or learning about the history of wheelbarrows or something.

Anonymous said...

The internet is truly awesome. I found out stuff about my grandfather one day which no one else in the family knew anymore. He died in the war in Germany and grandma died way back in the 1960s so no one knew when or where grandpa died or even where he was buried. And they have all that stuff on record and online.

Jazz said...

Could you loan me your brain for a couple of days?

Big Brother said...

Isn't the internet grand... I'll spend hours just browsing weird and interesting facts. By the way I've always known you had a brain, you're way to articulate not to. ;o)

geewits said...

~~So without the list you'd be randomly surfing while the back of your mind was going, "What am I supposed to be doing?"

~~Well that's pretty awesome!

~~You can use it starting on Thursday.

Big Brother,
~~Pfffft. That's how I fooled all the teachers. Oh yeah, you're a teacher!