Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I was just about to do a mundane post about how I fixed the lamp and what my next rock tumbling project will be and then my old friend called. And this is the old friend that painted that portrait of Dad as well as three others that I have up in my house. We have not talked in years. I knew her daughter had died of a drug overdose, but she told me details and that it was a planned suicide and it was awful. We talked about everything. Wow. That was a lot of information to process. I wish we had stayed in touch.


VioletSky said...

I am sorry about your friend and her daughter. I often feel so much regret when I realize how much life has gone on and slapped a few friends about while I sat back and did nothing to keep in touch.

Jazz said...

Wow... Well, you're back in touch now.

Funny how we lose touch - there are people I haven't heard of in ages and I still wonder what's going on with them. Unfortunately, not enough to actually try to find them again. Anyone from University on down is irretrievably lost.

Mr. Jazz said...

And then there's Facebook which makes you keep in touch with insignificant people while those you really care for are out of reach. It's hard enough to make time to see your close friends (people that REALLY matter) without having to exchange platitudes with old acquaintances that you don't really care for in the first place.

I'm sorry to hear about your friend's daughter as such news must be extremely sad to hear. Hearfelt condolences to you ;-)

Carole said...

Gee, I love that painting of your father. Your old friend seemed to have captured a bit of his soul in that portrait.

I'm really glad you reconnected with her. You're one of those special people who can "hold on to" those memories/experiences of old while still embracing the new ones. I think people sense that about you and know they can come back to you over time and you'll still be there for them.

Time traveler comes to mind...

Ian Lidster said...

The painting is wonderful. What a treasure to have. Otherwise, I think the words of Jazz capture the way I feel about keeping in touch.

geewits said...

~~Yeah we just slowly fell off of each other's maps.

~~I lost touch with my college friends but still know a few high school friends and two elementary school friends. The artist and I go back to 1990 and met in a ballet class.

Mr. Jazz,
~~But, Monsieur! Au contraire! I found her on facebook and sent her my cell phone number. She's in Denver now so I guess it will be an internet/phone relationship now.

~~I don't forget much, that's for sure. Except where I parked. Time traveler? I like that.

~~I don't own one of her nudes (oil) but I bet you would love those. They are mostly self-portraits. I may have a sketch (charcoal, I think) somewhere and may e-mail you one.

Scarlet said...

What a wonderful portrait of your father. Amazing, actually!

How sad to hear about the daughter. I hope you're able to stay in touch with your old friend.

Anonymous said...

It IS a great painting. And I'm glad you and your friend re-discovered each other

Jocelyn said...

How incredibly heartbreaking for her. I'm glad you had the ears and time to reconnect.

geewits said...

~~She's the great artist I told you about a long time ago.

~~Yes it was nice to catch up.

~~I kept looking at the clock, but I didn't want to end the conversation!

raino said...

ah, that's a really sad story, especially with it being planned. sad. i really love this painting. you're dad looks (looked?) like a happy burly fella. nice.

geewits said...

~~Well we knew she had died a few years ago, it was just really sad hearing the details. As far as Dad, a lot of people thought he looked like Ernest Hemingway.

Jammie J. said...

Sounds like she needed to talk. It was good you were there to listen and talk it through with her.

It can be draining to process deep and tragic information.


OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Beautiful Portrait....How wonderful to have such a special painting.
So sorry for yout ftiends loss...All I can think about when I read of a planned suicide is how that person was really at the end of their rope...And how sad that is.....Especially being so young and feeling that THAT is the only way to some kind of peace.....