Thursday, November 03, 2005

Fun Wednesday! Now with Brand New Socks!

Correction: In my post from last Wednesday, I incorrectly stated that Italianni's was a small chain owned by the TGIF (Friday's) people. They dismantled the chain 3 years ago and the lone Italianni's in Hurst, TX is now privately owned.

Meals on Wheels was pretty much uneventful except for the note attached to my route sheet saying that they were adding a route and to look for changes next week. "Adding a route" basically means adding a driver. This usually means I will have less people. I had 11 today. On the other hand it may not affect me at all. I just hope they don't remove me from the people I've had for 5 years. I've had several route changes over the years, some were bad and some were GREAT, but I've always had those 2 original ladies since the day I started. Oh, and one of my very regular regulars was not on the list. Sometimes that just means they called ahead because they had a doctor appointment. But usually if someone stays off the list 3 or 4 times in a row, I never see them again. I only know of two that have died for sure, but I'm sure several others probably have. Some were moved into nursing homes, and some were just injured and recovered - like a lady I had in one of those halos. Those things are funky wicked looking.

Well my decision to make Italianni's my new Wednesday lunch destination was probably the best idea I've had in a very long time. Their web site won't be winning any awards ( but man is it a great place to hang out. I met the owner (that's how I found out it was a private company) and he was cute and really nice. You can tell by the workers' interactions with him that he is a great boss. The cool bartender from last week is named Bobby and is married to a really pretty girl that was hosting and also waitresses at night. I discussed movies with one of the waiters who became my bartender at 4:00 - Brent. I sat between a friend of the bartender and an off duty waiter and we all talked about goofy/funny stuff. I even told my new Texas redneck joke. Everyone there was SO friendly. Another waiter, an exotic looking guy with a ponytail did some David Blaine type card tricks/sleight of hand stuff that completely blew me away. And I was watching his hands and those cards like a HAWK!

(Me watching magician's hands)
I didn't catch that guy's name but he was really good. One guy said he had seen him levitate a table. Apparently he only works at the restaurant a couple of days a week and does magic on the weekends. And I got to see it for free!The off duty waiter's name was Paul and he had lived in Maui for a year. I was there last year and My Sweetie grew up there in his elementary school years so it was fun to talk about Hawaii stuff. And a cute little waitress guessed my age as 33. I laughed so hard, she tried again and said, "Thirty-eight?" I said, "You are going to be mentioned on my blog tonight!" It was a great afternoon. And hell, I haven't even mentioned the food yet. I had Italian sausage ravioli and it was exquisite. Everything made fresh from scratch, and those lovely tender pillows of yum were bathed in a killer white sauce. Did I say how delicious it was? I could probably eat that every Wednesday. I told them all that I was afraid that after having such a wonderful afternoon that I might be let down next Wednesday and they said, "No, it will be just like today." Wow. It was like dinner and a show with a party. I can't wait til next Wednesday!
Tonight we watched Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith. It is by far the best of the prequel trilogy. I really love the last 20 minutes or so. It's fascinating how much Ewan McGregor sounds like Alec Guinness. Oh I also talked to my Mom again today. We talked yesterday and they are at Surf City, N.C. for the week. A childhood friend of my brother is the editor of the Jacksonville Daily News which is not only just 20 minutes away, but they also have a house at the beach there so I called his wife and they are all going to get together. I mean I just saw Elliot at my Dad's memorial service 7 years ago, but he and my Mom have not seen each other in probably 32 years. Boy will they be surprised! I can't wait to hear about it. And I'm so jealous of all the fresh seafood and North Carolina barbecue she is eating. I asked her to freeze some barbecue for me. Yum, I can't wait til they get back.
Well, that was my fun Wednesday. Oh yeah and I got to wear brand new socks and panties. Life is good.

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