Tuesday, November 15, 2005

On the Game, Seasonal Change, and Names

I was very excited about seeing the first Duke game of the season. I took my shower and put on my first T-shirt of the season - I only wear my Duke T-shirts for games - and was ready for a blow out. Well OMG. The game started and we could not hit a shot. I was shocked at 0 for 5. I did not expect to see 0 for 7. We not only could not score but never got an offensive board. It was starting to make me crazy. Finally on the 8th miss, we got a put back by our freshman McRoberts to finally score at the 16:18 mark. I kept waiting to see what I call "some Duke Basketball." We only made 3 3-point shots the whole game. Not only that but J.J. Redick missed TWO free throws. This guy was a 93.8% free throw shooter last year. Like My Sweetie said, better to have a game like this now than later. No shit. It got better but it was never great. We did win 64-47. I guess I just expected more. The next game in this tournament is Wednesday, so I guess we will have to record Lost on our crappy VCR.

Today was the changing of the sheets. I always wash the sheets on Mondays. Today I washed and put away the bright white "spring/summer" sheets and put the sage green "fall/winter" sheets on the bed. I like change. Well predictable change i guess. Seasonal change. Like "the changing of the shoes," although we've had so many warm days, I'm still wearing one pair of my summer shoes a lot. I did put the others away and my poor cold weather shoes are just waiting patiently for their turn to go out.

The song "Jackie Blue" is playing and it made me realize that no one names their daughter Jackie anymore. There was a whole slew of them in my grade and the next couple of grades down. I guess since they were all born in 61 and later they were probably named after Jackie Kennedy. It's weird how names come and go. My Mom's age group was drowning in Helens, Bettys, and Shirleys. My name didn't become popular until the 80's. I never even met another person with my name until I was 17, although there was one actress on TV with my name. There were several in my daughter's class. I guess my Mom was just ahead of her time. Guys names have changed too, but not as sharply. I mean from my youth to now. From my Mom's era though it's a whole different story. Not a lot of Harolds, Howards or Walters walking the halls of our country's elementary schools right now. But then again we're not seeing a lot of Jerrys, Marks, Bills or Jays either. Those were very common names for boys my age. I think someone should name their kid Howard. That would be cool. Or hell, have a boy and a girl and name them Howard and Jackie. At least you'd be able to find them in a crowd.

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