Monday, November 14, 2005

Sundays Come and Go so Quickly

This computer (I have a Mac in another corner of the room) sits in the far northwest corner of the house. Something was making a lot of racket over my head. It was pretty loud, so I thought it was in the attic. I poked the ceiling and got no scurrying response. Plus being in the very corner, means little or no space right there. I don't know roofing terminology, but the roof slopes to the corners from all four sides. So, I grabbed a flashlight and went into the backyard, wondering if I was going to see a smallish escaped lion or something pacing up there. There was nothing. I only heard a slight sound after I came back and now, nothing. My bad, there it goes again. What the hell is it? Squirrels sleep someplace at nigh,t right? I know we have possums, but I don't think they are roof dwellers. I suppose it could be a raccoon. Do they climb trees? There IS a tree right there, so anything that climbs trees could get there easily. I guess I'll never know.

I had a lazy day. Got up, had a Taco Bueno lunch, laid on the couch and watched (and occasionally nodded off to) Meet the Fockers. It wasn't bad, but nothing really stood out to me to remember (like a scene from The Simpsons tonight did). Just as The Fockers ended Kim called. This is the same Kim from this post: "Love, What does it mean?" She is my friend Jeanette's little sister. I love talking to Kim on the phone. She is actually living in the town where we met, although she has lived other places in between. We always make each other laugh. Two years ago, Thanksgiving weekend, she joined Lolo and me for one of our Vegas trips. It was her first time. She was fun. That following April, I flew back to N.C. and Lolo and I drove down to Goldsboro for her wedding reception. That was a fun party weekend. Like a regular crazy fun wedding weekend without the wedding part. The last time we had talked she had told me a hilarious story about her daughter and an expression she had used and I told her that My Sweetie and I have already started using it. I've been trying to get her to come for a visit for ages now. It's strange being friends with someone I've known since I was 11, but I guess other people do it all the time. Especially people who don't move a lot.

After my phone call, I started my roast and we watched The Deep. MS had never seen it before. Although I have seen it many times it had been a while and I had forgotten some details. But it sure has almost every movie cliche. The directing was so, I don't know, predictable? In that they may just as well have put Pop-Up Video type balloons saying things like "this guy's gonna betray you!" and "Watch for something to jump out HERE!" Oh well, it was great to see Robert Shaw being, well just being Robert Shaw - almost the same character he played in Jaws, but then The Deep and Jaws were written by the same person.

Kate (my daughter) had e-mailed me about dinner and I had plenty for three so I said "Come on down!" Okay I didn't say exactly that. She also said she has Wednesday off and will definitely drive me for Meals on Wheels. Woo-hoo! During and after dinner we watched those Saturday Night Live specials and they brought back a lot of memories. With the exception of my freshman year in college, I have pretty much seen nearly every episode of SNL since the very first show. Oh and my roast was delicious.

After Kate left, we watched WSOP on ESPN2. I get so tense just watching these strangers play poker on TV, I believe if I were in an actual tournament my heart would burst. When I play in a casino, I always play limit. The cheapest limit there is. They really are two very different games and I will admit I wouldn't have a clue how to play no limit. I mean I watch Celebrity Poker Showdown on Bravo, so I have a CLUE, I just don't think I'd enjoy it all. Limit I can play. If you're ever playing hold'em on Yahoo late at night (or as some people call it, early in the morning), I play as "Thebeerisforme."

Oh that moment on The Simpsons tonight that really got me? The Simpsons are going for a fun day at a beach carnival type place which is just being torn down to build condos. Two demolition guys are about to push the plunger thing to dynamite a small building that says, "Knock over the bottles, win a stuffed bear." The whole thing explodes, bears fly around, the dust settles and the 3 milk bottles are still perfectly stacked in their little triangle shape. THEN they (the demo guys) start hitting at the bottle stack with iron sledgehammers and it's just "clank, clank" and the bottles don't move. That really hit my funny bone. I must have laughed for 4 minutes straight.

Random thought of the day: The only indoor plant I can grow and not kill over a period of time is the Pothos (or Lucky Ivy). If this plant is so tough why have I never ever seen it growing in the wild? And I've been to Hawaii!

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