Saturday, November 26, 2005

The Turkey was Moist (I love when that happens)

Thanksgiving went pretty smoothly. My daughter was able to wheel me right out the front door straight to Kurt's car. It was weird being out for the first time since I broke my foot. And at the last minute I decided to wear a tennis shoe on my good foot. So all afternoon I just kept thinking, "I have on a shoe." It was weird. I was pretty much stuck near the front door of the house as my mother-in-law sets up long folding tables down the center of her living room. It was easy enough to get to the bathroom and also to crutch out the front door for a smoke - there was a bench right there on the front porch. Lisa's two oldest kids were at their dad's so only two-year-old Adam was there. He is so cute and entertaining. It was really nice to see My Sweetie's aunt and uncle again. I've always like them. They are only about 7 years older than me. We're meeting them tomorrow night for dinner out and they fly back to Michigan on Tuesday. And the food was excellent. Kate made my plate and knows I like tiny portions but I still couldn't eat everything.

When we left, we all headed over to Mom's. We were in two cars and they followed us. It was great to see Mom again, and although Kate and Kurt hated it, I was really grooving on the smell of fresh paint over there. Now I want to paint a room, just for that "new room smell." Mom got me a Bert's Surf Shop T-shirt from Surf City, N.C. and some Duke socks. Not to mention my two cases of Sea Dog Blue Paw blueberry wheat ale. Oh and two cans of Mrs. Fearnow's brunswick stew. I love that stuff. Brunswick stew is not a food known to Texans. I'm going to have to find a good recipe on the internet and just make my own.

We were both exhausted today. I was moving so slow today that, after My Sweetie got home (yes he had to work - he's in the retail business), he kept jumping up to push me around. He said I "looked pitiful." Tomorrow we're going to get our hair done and then go out to meet his aunt, uncle and mom for dinner. So I guess on Sunday we will be tired and pitiful again. At least my hair won't have roots. They are pretty bad right now.

I finally came up with something fun to do for my 45th birthday in April. That's the first day of the Main Street Arts Festival in downtown Fort Worth. It's a Thursday so it won't be overly crowded and the bathrooms will be relatively clean. My Sweetie is going to take the day off. I'm thinking about having a T-shirt printed that says "Halfway to 90." 45 seems SO OLD. Oh well.

Sports News:
Duke finished up the NIT pre-season tournament tonight with a REALLY tough win over number 11 Memphis. And De Marcus Nelson is out with a fractured (hairline) ankle bone. The initial reports were an ankle sprain, so this really sucks. The good news is Coach K said Memphis was the most athletic team we would meet all year, and we DID win although it was tooth and nail. Oh and Shelden Williams was the tourney MVP and had 30 points in this game. Woot woot!

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